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Every time we do one of these things, we lead off by talking about the weather. If you live in some permanently tropical place, you probably find yourself asking, "why are the people at Kickstarter always talking about how they get to open a door for the first time in months as if they've never been outside before?" The answer is that that is exactly what it felt like after powering through the longest winter there ever was. Um, also, you can now make projects on Kickstarter in Germany and France. You've probably already started, and we can't wait to see what you make.

Our newfound obsession with warm weather explains why the first roundup we did this week explored what kind of flaming hot beach projects are live on the site right now. It includes projects to fend off the sun, fend off the sand, and fend off dead speaker batteries. Also there are coolers. There are always coolers.

In inside news (our apologies for talking about being inside after we got you all excited about being outside), we also explored the wide world of typography, which will soon make it possible for you to write just like Einstein wrote. We can't promise you'll be as smart, or that you'll have as thick a mustache, but you can probably make both happen for yourself if you really try.

Fonts are a key part of design. So key, in fact, that people's hatred of Comic Sans seems to come from the notion that it doesn't look so great with most well-designed products. If you back the McSweeneys publishing project (we recommend that you at least scope out the page—there's a lot of great stuff there if you like books and/or laughing), you can even get a letter from that "beloved" font. 

Anyway! What we were saying about design was that we are smack in the middle of Design Month at Kickstarter. What does that mean? Well, it means that over at our Happening Hub, we're highlighting crucial design stories—like the Thames Bath (keep checking for more on that) and this fascinating process piece about creating a Futurist sculpture—from inside and outside the Kickstarter world. You'll want to stay tuned to that page, because we've invited some notable people to help curate it in the coming weeks.

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