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 Welcome back to our twice-fortnightly rundown of some of the things that've been happening in and around our world. Right now we’re all weirdly cold and dreading this impending snow that is apparently going to happen — much to everyone’s chagrin, so we’re updating you from the comfort of our warm desks, glancing out the window and glaring, but finding solace in the wide world of Kickstarter. Some highlights:

New Orleans doesn’t have a skate park. On first pass, you might think, Yeah, sure, New Orleans doesn’t have a skate park, what places do have skate parks? The answer is most places have skate parks because they are essential hubs for community building and a safe haven for practitioners of a sport-slash-activity that is for whatever reason sometimes still considered rebellious even though it is a great way to spend your time. The Parisite DIY Skatepark is changing that by building a skatepark. There’s still a week left.

Speaking of exercise hubs! Gym Beans solve a problem that goes runs so deep that you probably are just low-level exasperated about it all the time without even realizing it. Sure, the fanciest of fancy gyms provide shower products that are infinitely better than anything you have at home (in a way we are all that episode of Broad City where they take the super expensive products from the locker room at the CrossFit stand-in). It sucks bringing your own tiny bottles to the gym, but now the Gym Beans exist—you can put your products on a wearable thing that exists in multiple colors. That means you can wash your hair literally anywhere, except the places where it wouldn’t be acceptable to wash your hair, like a courthouse or aquarium.

Best things to look at: You’ve probably made your share of collages, and maybe they were pretty good. Hey, maybe they were great! We haven’t seen them. We trust in you. Michael Bilsborough’s Capitalist Collages are really something else though. Using high-end magazines to create occasionally unsettling, sometimes funny, sometimes very dark work, Bilsborough’s HELLO TODAY — Capitalist Collages are taking the form to another level.

Did someone say something about bread? No? Maybe we misheard you. But since we’re talking about bread now… For the best pics of bread on the net, we keep coming back to the Fourneau Bread Oven, which promises to make your home bread-making experience much easier and more aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve ever made bread at home you know the deal: It tastes good but always comes out all lumpy and weird. You might be picturing a baguette in your head, but then you get something that tastes like heaven but looks like the sewer. This oven will help you make bakery-quality bread right in your own home. So if you’ve ever wanted to become an artisan, now is the time to learn a new cooking craft. You’ll feel like an old, wise bread expert in no time.

Television merchandise is the new television: The Wire will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the top television shows of all time, which reminds us that we should really re-watch The Wire. Also reminding us to check out the HBO crime classic all over again is this Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Talking Bobblehead, which says his NSFW catchphrase every time you press the little button. Now you can have the (actor who played a) corrupt state senator in your own home, ready to cheer you up when the world is frustrating.

Self Promotion Department: We’ve been doing a lot here at Kickstarter HQ. On our editorial hub, conveniently called Happening (it’s about what is happening) we’ve been publishing new stuff daily: most recently we put together a big feature about MOSSLESS magazine, talked about art and $$$$$ (money) with Krystal South, pulled some crucial fashion projects—and learned that shipping containers are still relevant and important to an entire world that has absolutely nothing to do with shipping.

Oh yeah: Looking for tips on your Kickstarter project? We have a whole Twitter account for that now. Follow us at @KickstarterTips for all the best life advice, if all the life advice you happen to need has to do with how to run a successful Kickstarter project.

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      Need capital to produce rocking motocross bike.little field toy co inc.

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      What is the topic?
      Where is your Complaint Box?
      I have a complait about Kickstarters page Format changes. THEY SUCK BIG TIME.
      Please stop with this "Floating [Campaign - Updates - Comments] Bar" below the opening videos.
      It really aggravates the heck out of many of us. Just go back to the format 16+ months ago. This one is always screwing up and stretches to odd sizes.

      I FRICKEN HATE IT. Stop changing formats just to change. It's NOT better.

      Thank you for your time.

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