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This week in Kickstarter, it rained. Almost the whole week. There was one day of beautiful sunlight though, and on that day we found a taxidermied squirrel (not pictured) out in front of our building. That was weird, but it reminded us how much crazy stuff is going on in and outside our office all the time. Like all of this stuff, for example:

If you’re able, take a trip through your own mind, back in time to 1995, when Descent, a computer game where you had to fight virus-infected robots, burst onto the scene. The game was not easy. Though it looked a fair bit like some other first person shooters, the degree of movement was much wider. Imagine trying to destroy those virus-y robots while also making sure your spacecraft doesn’t bump into a wall or corridor. Depending on your age, this could sometimes be virtually impossible, but never not fun.

Descent, like all good things, is back. All the iconic details are the same, but it looks a whole lot better. Now you can plummet directly toward very detailed hot lava and feel like you’re actually plummeting directly toward very detailed hot lava. Here’s a YouTube of the original version so you can remember what it felt like to drive a spaceship through a metal corridor.

Did someone say corridor? Kickstarter’s editorial hub, Happening, is your own personal corridor to a whole lot of great articles: In recent weeks, photographer Will Steacy talked about his family of newspapermen, and how that is all tangled up in his photo book about the decline of the Philadelphia Inquirer; Brendan Toller gave us a behind the scenes look at his documentary on influential, under-the-radar music figure Danny Fields, Michael Bilsborough guided us through his capitalist collages, Doug DuBois talked about the challenges of documenting the lives of Irish teenagers, we made your life in the great outdoors easier (assuming that's your thing), and, oh yeah it’s….

COMICS MONTH. You’ve probably already heard about this from us, and you’re going to hear about it some more before the month is over. But in addition to some fun upcoming editorial coverage on the aforementioned Happening site, we’re also hosting a number of free events that you can attend if you are in New York (or if you can get here via car or plane or bike or your own feet). Check those out right here.

That's a lot of links, we know. Let's take a break and learn how to make a burger (spoiler alert: don't put the burger outside of the bun). Then let's immediately take another break to track the development of the ice cream sandwich.

Are you tired? No way are you tired. Maybe you're inspired, which sort of sounds like the word tired if you half-think about it. Maybe you're interested in starting a Kickstarter project. Maybe you're getting ready to do another one. Maybe your project is live right now. Whatever stage of the process you might be in, even if it's no stage, check out these handy Creator Basics videos at our YouTube channel. There's a lot more to come.

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