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Beginning this weekend, a project which kicked off roughly five years ago is hitting theaters nationwide. It's been a long road for the creators of Brooklyn Castle, Katie and Nelson Dellamaggiore, who began their documentary after visiting the chess team at a Brooklyn middle school and falling hard for the plucky kids. In 2009, the filmmakers ventured to Nashville with the team from I.S. 318 for the United States Chess Federation Super Nationals and the doc was born. It's been a non-stop journey since the film wrapped, with screenings at SXSW and Hot Docs, and now a glowing review in the New York Times. At last, opening weekend is here — and the story behind the story comes to a close. Check out the showtimes and pack a hanky for an inevitable tear of joy.

As Brooklyn Castle proves, sometimes even the scrappiest projects take a while to brew. Temujin is a new graphic novel chronicling the rise of Ghengis Khan. The project launched this week and it's got all the makings of an epic. Creator Allison Smith, a young artist and compulsive illustrator, spent the last year researching the life of the infamous Mongolian warlord before launching her idea, and it looks like her work has paid off, as the concept art for the book appears to charge off the page. We're really looking forward to seeing Temujin become a reality. 

While we were busy exploring the tumultuous childhood of the future Genghis Khan, Joyce Brabner was preparing to unveil the Harvey Pekar library statue at the Cleveland Heights Public Library in Ohio. The tribute to her late husband, supported by over 800 backers, is, "a literary landmark, a desk that's always filled with paper and pencils for people to sit and write or draw comics at the same place where Harvey Pekar liked to work." For generations to come, the statue will serve to inspire creativity in word and image for both the young and the young at heart.

Of course, this is all but a glimpse into the wondrous week in the Kickstarter Universe. If you're interested in seeing more, check out our Tumblr, where you can learn about everything from the Daft Punk Halloween Tribute project to Uchronia, "a classic titling typeface based on the hand-lettered covers of early 20th century French art books." All that and much, much more! Dig in

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