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Nothing better than winding down the work week with a full array of fruit in a bowl with feet. Wait, what? What I meant to say is, we got a lot of packages, and one of them happened to be the Efeet Bowl with, um, feet! Their goal was to take a stand against boring dishware — and from my vantage point, it looks like they succeeded marvelously. Hopefully the bowl won't run away with my pear. (Rim shot!)

It seems like Efeet bowl backers aren't the only ones getting hooked up with new works, as Philosophy Posters have officially gone from the printer into the homes and workplaces of backers who helped the project succeed. It's become so apparant that creator Max Temkin created a site for people to submit photos of their posters. Apparently these make excellent wedding gifts, though be sure to steer clear of Heidegger, just to keep things on the lighter side.  

The Efeet Bowl is important since doctors and Moms agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are heading out to the New York Art Book Fair, you will likely agree that enjoying a healthy breakfast (in a bowl with feet) is the best way to wake up before going to see hundreds of artists and publishers present their independent works at MoMa PS1 this weekend. We've got a lot of creators participating in the annual event, including Shifter Magazine, Mono.Kultur's collection of the neon light installations of Robert Montgomery, art-and-event space Triple Canopy, and indie publishers Ugly Duckling Presse. You can also check out Singular Beauty, a photo-doc on the world of cosmetic surgery, Mossless Magazine, Art Bandanas for Wildlife Identification, and work from Princess Dies — among many, many others. Like I said, be sure to eat your Wheaties. 

Before we head off into the sunset, we couldn't let you go without passing along this giant guitar on fire. Or, as some of you may know it, Indoclip's "Street Justice", a music video project where the band was going to set fire to a massive guitar. Backers, this is going to look awesome on VHS. Enjoy!

    1. Dylan Kendall on

      thank you kickstarter! and for being an amazing platform - with your help the bowls are becoming a "run-away" success! Dylan

    2. Ashby Lee Collinson on

      Thank you for your support! XO Princess Dies

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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