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This week we became parents! Of a drone from the Brooklyn Grange Apiary project, that is. We polled the internet to ask what we should name him, before settling — against all common sense and inspired suggestion — "Cooper." (Sorry, Cooper.)

It was also a good week for freebies. The citizen-minded design project Chatype, which sought to create a typeface inspired by the city of Chattanooga, TN, notified backers that the font was available to download and use, for free. Meanwhile, Musopen, a non-profit organization dedicate to recording and releasing copyright free music, unleashed an orchestral tidal wave for our listening pleasure. Music to our ears!

The famously grotesque John K, creator of The Ren and Stimpy Show, put pen to pickled paper for this week's Featured Creator spot, drawing us some fo the most disgusting things he's ever found inside one of the unlabeled, discounted cans his Dad used to feed him for dinner. (It wasn't all for naught, though. It was these kinds of scarring culinary experiences that inspired his awesome new cartoon series/Kickstarter project Cans Without Labels.)

In a totally mind-blowing collision of science, art, and high-flyin' tom-foolery, Pi in the Sky endeavors to launch 5 simultaneous aircraft 10,000 feet over the Bay Area to write out 1,000 letters of the number pi. Data visualization and citizen documentation to follow. 

Derek Tonks was just a kid making a giant, robotic monster suit with an animatronic face and extra-long fingers. This week, that dream (nightmare?) came to life:

That's all for this week! See you next time

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