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John K's "Cans Without Labels" project video thumbnail
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Remember George Liquor from Ren & Stimpy? You know, this guy. Well, John K, the show's creator, has been dying to create a new series about good ol' George, a character loosely based on John's frugal, disciplinarian father who refused to buy name-brand products in favor of the cheaper, generic products. He wants to make the series without any studio executives telling him to dumb it down for the masses. It's going to be weird. It's going to be twisted. It's going to be better than log

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While John K was busy working on George Liquor, Carrol Spinney was no doubt inside a bird costume. He's actually been inside a bird costume for over 40 years. Oh, and he's been in a garbage can for equally long. That's because for over four decades Carrol has been the man inside Big Bird, and his grumpy neighbor, Oscar the Grouch. This new documentary, appropriately titled I Am Big Bird, takes us behind the scenes of a story we've all seen, but never from this angle. 

While Carrol was busy bringing Big Bird to life, Lumi showed us how to print with light — in one minute, as evidenced by the video above. Just watch and see how easy it is to make a sweet new shirt with the sun. 

And last but not least, it's always great to hear what past creators are up to, and even better when you just randomly find out one morning while checking out new projects. Such was the case with The Selling, the new film from the people who brought us Replacing the "N-word" with "Robot" in Huck Finn. It's about a real estate agent trying to sell a haunted house, and it stars prior creators Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine, as well as fellow Kickstarter alumnus Jocelyn Towne (I Am I) and Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory, I Am I), who can be seen in the project video dramatically chewing gum. And so, we made a gif out of it. Enjoy the weekend, everybody!

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