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In an attempt to beat the heat, we're retreating to nature. If you are unwilling to move away from your Air Conditioner, no worries, as all you need to do in order to transport yourself to a cooler climate is watch these two beautiful trailers for The First 70 (above) and Warm Earth (below), Kurtis Hough's 24 hour timelapse film shot in the heart of Oregon with a beautiful score provided by Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance. Visual air conditioning if ever such a thing existed. 

While we were zoning out on Kurtis Hough's amazing timelapse, we found out that Kickstarter-alum Tahir Hemphill, creator of the Hip-Hop Word Count, was announced as the 2012-2013 Hiphop Archive Fellows at the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African & African American Research at Harvard University. Congrats to Tahir, who will probably be working with, or at least passing by, 9th Wonder, another fellow at the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute, whose story is being told in The Harvard Fellow

Whoopi Goldberg's Documentary, "I Got Somethin' To Tell You" project video thumbnail
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During their stay at Harvard, Tahir and 9th will be researching and lecturing on Hip-Hop culture in America. While they are hard at work, Whoopi Goldberg will be doing some research of her own, as she is currently working on a documentary about Moms Mabley, an influential comedian and pioneer, who influenced countless comedians, including Whoopi. 

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And lastly, before we head off into a scorcher of a weekend, couldn't help but clue you in to, Crystal Bacon. Yes, Crystal Bacon. An obvious candidates for Christmas tree ornament of the year. It's a shame Crystal Bacon is only now entering the world we live in, but, hey, never too late! 

    1. Vincent Lynch on

      I find it very discouraging when A) Celebrities run Kickstarter projects, and B) when Kickstarter promotes them.

      I think its good that Ms.Goldberg is making a documentary, the topic sounds interesting. But I find it hard to believe that she dosent have the money to do this herself. 65k is the average american household salary, Whoopi has stared in countless movies and owns a very nice house in NYC. There isnt some extra cash lying around?

      Kickstarter is for people who DONT have the money or connections to do a project like this. I can only assume Ms.Goldberg has BOTH of those things.

    2. Arthur Calloway II on

      I agree with you Vincent, it's a slippery slope when you allow celebrities. I won't go as far as to say KS is for people who don't have money cause I have seen people on here that seemed too, but i don't believe it's for celebrities because they have obvious networks where they can raise money, like you said. And I think it kills the startup feel that KS has.
      If I could +1 your statement Vincent I would, hopefully KS, does something in order to accomodate everyone.

    3. Hilary Pfeifer on

      Why not allow celebrities to fundraise on Kickstarter? I see this fundraising platform as one that has a wide variety of projects from all sorts of people. People like Whoopi Goldberg have the potential to bring a new and large fanbase to Kickstarter--people who very well might have the money to spread to some other projects after finding out what an amazing place this is to see what people are doing/thinking/making happen. She might also bring new media attention to Kickstarter, which benefits us all.

    4. Ellwood "Bunky" Bartlett on

      Even celebrities need help every now and again. Everyone works off a budget. She may have gone over hers on this project and just needs a little help. She has funded most of the project herself and needs out help. So I am helping and I hope everyone else will as well. Whoopi has done a lot for others. She has funded a number of projects here on facebook under her real name. So lets show her that kickstarter can work.

    5. SeanDirty Cunningham on

      Well... sometimes you just dont do things with your own money... Bill Gates could fund entire public works projects with his own money... but of course he wouldnt... Just his contributing his own time, or Whoopi's own time... is worth X amount of money...

    6. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    7. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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