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Neal Stephenson launched Clang, his project to revolutionize sword fighting video games, a little too late to make the last edition of This Week in Kickstarter, but hey, he came back hard this week with an amazing Project Update video that plays like a mini-short film and features, among other things like raging vikings, a suited up CEO running in a Hamster wheel. 

While Stephenson was busy carousing with vikings, James and Lisanne, creators of Indie Game: The Movie, published an incredibly comprehensive breakdown of exactly how their documentary became a reality. Oh, and if you didn't hear, you can now watch Indie Game, whenever, wherever. Highly recommended!

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As Indie Game took its victory lap, photographer Carlo Van de Roer is setting out to create a collection of "full color polaroid aura portraits, camera print-outs and contributed texts" that will be published in The Portrait Machine Book. The psychadelic tinge of his photos has already been captured the likes of Miranda July, Terence Koh, and Taika Waititi, who you may remember from his film (and project) Boy

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And just as summer rolls around, we are happy to report that Sun Boxes, an amazing project first launched last summer in Martha's Vineyard, is back for 2012. This year creator Chris Colorusso will be bringing his solar powered sound installation to State Parks in Vermont, where they will dazzle hikers, bird watchers, and general nature lovers with organic ambient music. Soothing sounds for summer, if there ever were. 


    1. Creator The Boss on June 18, 2012

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    2. Creator Suzanne Clemenz on July 5, 2012

      Why can't I get to the VDelta site just by typing in "VDelta?" It looks like a ground-breaking programming language but if people can't find it on Kickstarter, it won't get the support it seems to deserve. Instead I get a message saying you have nothing by that name. This must happen to others.