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This week in Kickstarter, Yancey broke down Amanda Palmer's epic project, which is not only remarkable for having raised over a million dollars from over 24,000 backers, but also that Amanda is able to track where every single dollar came from and where it will go. It's also worth nothing how amazingly interactive and engaging Amanda's project was. So much so, that in the final hours of her project she wrote every single one of her backers names on a sheets of old telephone books and, well, watch the video and you'll see. 

Speaking of videos, this week we added a nice little feature to the creator dashboard that lets creators follow video views. As you can see above, Pebble had over 790,000 views on the project page, and over 165,000 off-site. The take away: videos are essential, and if you make a good one, people will respond. 

Apparently, Paul Schrader wants to be your friend. Chris Dorr wrote an amazing blog post on how a chance Facebook friend request, turned into backing a project, turned into a chance meeting with Paul Schrader, writer and director of The Canyons

And finally, it wouldn't be this week in Kickstarter if we didn't somehow allude to Tim Schafer, or his likeness. This edition finds us combing through Pixel Lincoln, which recently added Mr. Double Fine as a character card in their forthcoming game. Schafer is joined alongside by legendary gamer, King of Kong antagonist and hot sauce entrepreneur Billy Mitchell. And suddenly, the world is right again. 

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