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This week in Kickstarter, Amanda Palmer threw a big ole bash to celebrate her extremely successful campaign, which ended last night at the stroke of midnight. Appropriately enough, AFP hosted a block party in Gowanus, Brooklyn, complete with pirates on bike ships, massive steel sculptures, a slavic soul band, our friends from the Anywhere Organ, Neil, and a few hundred backers who helped celebrate. Not one to exclude, Palmer streamed the entire party on the web for her 24,000+ backers. Missed it? No worries, you can relive the entire evening here. Palmer also visited the MIT MediaLab this week, where she was able to test out the Makey Makey, which she used to play, you guessed it, a song. 

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Before AFP seranaded fans in Brooklyn, across the East River the New York Times sung the praise of Maga Bo, calling his Kickstarter-funded album Quilombo do Futuro a "cultural manifesto riding on rhythm." If you missed your chance to back his project, be sure to track down the new record. 

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Gary Hustwit, of HelveticaObjectified and Urbanized, launched a new photo project with friend and collaborator Jon Pack. With The Olympic City, Hustwit and Pack are examining "the legacy of the Olympic Games in former host cities around the world." They've already documented Lake Placid, Montreal, Athens, Rome and Los Angeles, and are going to do a handful of other cities this summer, including one voted on by backers of the project. 

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And lastly, before we head off into the summer sun, we had to alert you to all the awesome projects that are coming forth for Figment 2012. Once again the art collective is taking over NYC's Governor's Island and covering it with interactive public art. We've got treehouses, we've got the palms of hands, and we've also got the face of the Statue of Liberty half sunk into the ground and Brain Pong, which is so mind blowing all I can say about it is be sure to watch the video and have your mind blown before you head out into the weekend. 


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