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This Week in Kickstarter

This week in Kickstarter Cards Against Humanity hit #1 again on Amazon. Oh, and #2, as the infamous expansion pack is selling nearly as quickly as the game itself, which makes sense because if you've played the game once, you know you're gonna need to continue and expand on your inhumanity. Pretty awesome that this isn't the first time this has happened, and probably won't be the last!

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Yesterday a new project launched that is a quasi-sequel to The Wonder Years, the documentary about Grammy award winning producer, 9th Wonder. The Harvard Fellow follows 9th Wonder through his first year as a, you guessed it, Harvard Fellow, during which he will be researching and lecturing on "hiphop's place in an academic setting and why it is important to protect and archive its history." Join in and watch history in the making. 

We're in the midst of baseball season, so we were happy to find out that Eephus, the folks behind the niftiest score book in the game, are now publishing a sleek new online magazine that looks, feels and reads like nothing we've ever seen before. If balks, ERA and SB% mean something to you, you need to check this out asap

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And last but not least, before you head off into the holiday weekend, be sure to think about what Memorial Day 2013 could be like with New Orleans brass band style versions of Daft Punk songs. Two words: Brassft Punk. Boom.