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This week in Kickstarter, Pebble met Twine. That's right, the two famous Kickstarter projects that link devices together got hitched this week, as evidenced by this video they posted, which demonstrates how Pebble and Twine interact. Synergy, people, synergy!

While the Twine and Pebble were busy making connections, we got to meet Safwat from the classic Oh Expletive! project. Safwat was nice enough to give us these Zombie and Unicorn tattoos, which Cooper and Nicole instantly emblazened on their necks. Nothing says awesome like Unicorn and Zombie neck tats. Backers, be on the lookout, as Safwat mentioned rewards should be hitting a mailbox near you shortly

In other stuff that happened on our Tumblr this week (follow us!), Portland's Cheese & Crack blew up, with over 100+ people reblogging the exquistely laid out delectable delights that inhabit each box of homemade crack(ers) and cheese. If you are living in the Greater PDX area, you might want to get involved with this

Dogs in cars.  A photography art book's video poster

While we love cheese plates as much as the next guy, what we really love are canines, commonly referred to as dogs. With that in mind, you can't hate us for sharing Dogs in Cars, a new art book project which, you guessed it, is an amazing collection of photos of dogs in cars. Also, did we mention that it's amazing?


    1. Creator Dan Vedda on May 11, 2012

      Seriously, I want my Kickstarter TV. More addictive than the Food Network.

    2. Creator Vintage Living Magazine (deleted) on May 11, 2012

      These are inspiring stories that show the power of Kickstarter. Keep up the great work!

    3. Creator sneakerLOGIC on May 12, 2012

      That "Dogs in Cars" video is fantastic. Thanks Michael, great blog.

    4. Creator Ellen Weaver (deleted) on May 13, 2012

      Could you maybe do a piece on this? It is an initiative to start a site
      that encourages young writers to share their works. It is called NewInk
      and it is for young adult fiction: