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Aside from refreshing the page for Pebble, this week in Kickstarter we checked in with some old favorites, including Amira Al Sharif, who sent along some amazing photos from her 2010 project Unveiling Misconceptions.  2010 wasn't all that long ago, but thousands of projects later, it sure feels like it. 

In catching up with some more recent projects, Erin Hill, aka the Sci-Fi Harp Girl, just released the second video, "Lookout, Science," from her new album. If you liked "Giant Mushrooms," chances are you will dig this one as well. 

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While we're still venturing through the cosmos, how could we not mention Dark Sky, the short-term weather prediction app, is now available in the App Store. If you can never tell what you are supposed to wear on a given day, or hour, for that matter, or you are the type of person who often uselessly carries an umbrella just in case they need it, you might want to head on over to the App Store and download a copy of Dark Sky. Who knows, it could keep you dry this weekend!

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      Speaking of music videos, I would love any feedback on my new music video in connection with our Occupy The Daily Show events it is called - "I won't back down Jon Stewart"…

      Let me know what you think!

      P.S. If you can't open on iPhones/iPads watch it on:

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