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This week in Kickstarter, a project tore the roof off the mother! Well, sort of, as Heather Hart's The Eastern Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother  opens at the Brooklyn Museum today. The installation, which runs through June 24th, fills the 5th floor rotunda with, as Heather describes it, “an independent rooftop, removed from its house, and dropped from the sky to live its own life in a new context." Between Heather's awesome project updates, the Raw/Cooked video, and the Brooklyn Museum's Flickr, you can literally see this installation grow in front of your own eyes. 

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android project video thumbnail
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While Heather was putting the finishing touches on the Eastern Oracle, yCombinator alum Eric Migicovsky launched the Pebble, a customizable watch able to link up with your smart phone, launched to great fan fare. It's been live for two days as of this post and already over 14,000 backers have pledged nearly $2 million. Want to see exactly how they are creating and manufacturing the Pebble? Check out their Dev blog!


20 Years of Madness is a new project by a group of guys known in the Detroit Metro area for making the craziest show to ever hit regional Public Access TV: 30 Minutes of Madness. In the VHS era, this group of maniacs did a lot of stuff that could simply be described as "crazy," though upon repeat viewings it is clear that the stunts, skits, and insanity that existed within the realm of 30 Minutes of Madness is pure, unfiltered genius (as attested by this .gif of a burning VHS tape.) Oh, and for a buck "you'll receive a digital download of the new 30 Minutes of Madness episode featured in the documentary. That's right—half an hour of awesome original content for just a buck." Follow along on Tumblr as we'll be periodically posting other amazing .gifs from this project!

In other stuff that's been on our radar (and our Tumblr) this week, Ze Frank, he who smeared peanut butter on his face and celebrates the joy of little duckies, posted An Invocation for Beginnings, a quasi-intro to the revived Ze Frank Show. Let's just say, if you are looking for some spiritual guidance on your 'Net quest, look no further. 

If watching Halloween 1-26 isn't what you want to do on this Friday the 13th, head to your local theater for a screening of Blue Like Jazz, still the most-funded film in Kickstarter history, which opens nationwide tonight. Mesa, Arizona, that means you! You too, Grapevine, Texas! And even you, New York City, even you. Watch the trailer above, then find a theater near you

    1. registradus on

      Is that Max Headroom?

    2. Giyora Alon on

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      Kirian42 on

      So, I hear you've banned a person from creating projects because someone they can't control is leaving spam posts in their project comment thread. Ignoring the problem created for the individual, this sets a precedent suggesting that anyone can basically shut any project down by spamming the comments section.

      Does Kickstarter plan to address this in any official manner, preferably through acknowledging the problem in a blog post and then finding a remedy? (Simple remedies would include allowing the project starter to disable comments or remove spam from their own project comment threads. Other solutions are of course viable.) I'd hate to think I'll have to look elsewhere for crowdsourcing.

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    5. BandedSociety US on

      Pebble is an awesome idea!! congrats!

    6. Elizabeth Scanes on

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      Martha on

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