This Week in Kickstarter

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This week in Kickstarter, we played games! That's right, last night we hosted a fun, little game night with our friends, or rather, co-conspirators at Kill Screen. Basically, we sat around with a bunch of people and played some of our favorite Kickstarter games, old and new, including Glorkian Warrior, Cards Against Humanity, Against the WallChester, Octodad 2(!!!), Jak and Poi, and Kentucky Route Zero. As evidenced by this photo set, it was fun! Next time, we're gonna have to kill Kill Screen on the Kill Screen. Just sayin'. 


Not into games? How bout movies? We got those too, in fact, you can even watch a couple of them for free on Hulu, which recently made Jens Pulver: Driven and The Wonderful World of Blowfly available for viewing to fans and curious minds alike. While your at it, be sure to hit up Netflix for some other Kickstarter funded films. We know The Oregonian, The Spirit Molecule and a few others are available on Watch Instantly. Any others we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

In things that happened this past week that I just do not understand, the amazing Roman White launched his Apocalypse Over Pancakes project. You might recognize his name from directing some big music videos, including the one that Taylor Swift video that Kanye didn't much care for.  Well, Roman made an amazing project video. So good, in fact, that I couldn't help but make but make a gif of this portion. Yet, somehow, it did not receive a single like on Tumblr. What gives, people?!?!? For the sake of my own sanity, I couldn't help but post it again today, in hopes that it might bring some joy to some lucky person who happens to be perusing this blog post. If that person is you, wanna go on over to our Tumblr and click the little heart-thingy?! Thanks in advance!

MC Lars - "Greatest Hits" (ON VINYL) & "Edgar Allan Poe EP" project video thumbnail
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And lastly, be sure to check out of your work zone by watching the latest project video from MC Lars, who, at this point, is somewhat of a Kickstarter legend. This time he takes us deep into his thought process and shows us a side of himself that we've never seen before. Gotta see it to believe it. 

    1. Christopher on

      Wow, the Kickstarter work environment looks super cool and hip. Must be super awesome to work at Kickstarter!

    2. Chicago Writers Conference on

      I will now have to check out MC Lars. That video cracked me up. Good way to end the day...

    3. Kimberly on

      That looks more like a party than work! No wonder KickStarter is so successful!

    4. David Daly on

      Strange thought processes MC Lars.

    5. Greg Burhop on

      Knock Down Barns wants in on your next game night! Looks like a good crew.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jackson on

      All this stuff sounds great -- but the credibility of kickstarter is sorely lacking with all the "fund my life" projects that kickstarter refuses to take down. Like this one: Not only is this campaign asking for living expenses for 3 months, but it's a contest that costs a $50 pledge to enter! Kickstarter has the potential to be awesome, but such potential awesomeness will be crippled by projects like the one I refer to. It's a pity that kickstarter management doesn't care enough about their site to police the bad apples. Do all the truly great projects (like the ones mentioned above) make up for the ripoff ones like the Orphanage Writer's Residency? Only time will tell. Does management care enough about quality to weed out projects like that, or do they just want the fees such projects will generate from the desperate suckers who fork over $50 each for a chance to get their life funded for 3 months?

    7. Remas Haytham on

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    8. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    9. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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