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This week, in advance of our third birthday, we gave ourselves a little makeover, as you may have noticed. More on that in a minute, though, as right now we can't stop thinking about Joyce Walk, a new project that will bring James Joyce's epic Ulysses to life through, you guessed it, an iPhone app. Amazing to see all the work that has gone into this project, which, no doubt, breathes 21st century life into a truly timeless work. 

Ok, after you check out JoyceWalk, be sure to take a spin around our new homepage. Explore the project mosaic, watch some videos and follow your friends to see what projects they are backing. Oh, and try to find the secret Easter Eggs hidden on the page, like the one above. Wink wink, nudge nudge. 

While we were busy redesigning our homepage (and creating fake easter eggs that don't actually exist on the site), the folks behind Knock Down Barns were, er, knocking down barns and turning them into a brand new game. Beautifully restored fun for the whole family, if ya ask me. 

And lastly, before you ride on into the weekend, it would be imprudent for us not to share this amazing project update from The Warlock's Curse, which prominently features juggling, fire, and a helmet that shoots green flames. This, people, is how you keep backers in the loop. {Ed note: Do not try this at home}

    1. Alex Capecelatro on

      Awesome to see you feature JoyceWalk! I'm now a backer!

    2. Evgeniy Kolpakov on

      Take a look on our game please! It's really interesting, don't let it die!

    3. DianaSprinkle on

      You guys did a good job changing up the front page, it looks really nice. However I noticed that after the switch over to the new front page the amount of kickstarter based pledgers I was getting took a noise dive for my project. Not that it's affecting me, I've already hit my goal but I guess it's hard for people to find the projects as easily as when they were rotated. Then again I thought that there was only one project ever featured at the top slider thing for about a day or two. Growing pains... Then it took me another day to find out that the pictures in the logo were clickable. I wish the top project of day slider felt a bit more random even though the other categories change when you select them they don't rotate to different projects every refresh. Not sure if that's a feature or not.

      Also, It looks like the Recent Updates on the bottom of the "discover" page is broken, it hasn't updated since the switch over.

      It feels like stuff doesn't rotate as much as it did with the old set up. When I look at the city area and the popular area I see the same few projects every time. Then again, who knows, maybe a lot of people felt like this for the old set up. Wish there was an ending soon one along with the city, friends, and popular areas maybe.

      Anyway it's good to try new things and I think overall the new set up is very pretty and a lot of fun. Just thought I'd comment with some thoughts.

    4. Remas Haytham on

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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