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Well, we've already posted a few things about all the amazing stuff that happened this week, but it's Friday, so why not recap the the insanity that was March 11th through March 16th. For those of you playing along at home, you probably heard about Double Fine. As of today, it is hard to believe there is a Kickstarter record that isn't owned by Double Fine. If there is, please let us know! The 30 day insanity ended on Monday, with Tim Schafer and co. hosting a live stream for backers to celebrate together. It was awesome, and concluded with Tim noting, "I don't want to say this is the end of the game publishing as we know it. I'm sure a few games will still need publishers." 

Wasteland 2's video poster

One of the games that won't need a publisher to be created is Wasteland 2, which has been blowing up, with over 21,000 backers pledging over $1 million to the project in just a couple of days. Take a look at the video for their take on just how hard the process of working with a game publisher can be. 

While films were down at SXSW winning awards(!!), artist Heather Hart was installing her new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Hart's Eastern Oracle project is tearing the roof of that sucka, and, er, planting another one on it! As you can see, a lot of the work is already done. Be sure to pop in and check out the exhibit, which runs from April 13th to June 24th, 2012.

KENNY G: The Epic Movie Adventure's video poster

In other news, this week we received a project chronicling a man whose music has infiltrated so many lives over the past 20 years or so. That man is Kenny G, and if this project doesn't bring a smile to your face, then clearly you have never felt the joys of a single note on the saxophone being played for 45 minutes and 37 seconds. Let's just say it is extremely "zen."


And in other celebrity news, what kind of week would it be if we weren't introduced to a video game which allows users to play in "Bob Mode." "Bob Mode" meaning you can tackle Spike: A Love Story as if you were Mr. Fluffy Clouds himself, Bob Ross. What a way to end an epic week!


    1. Creator Chuck Spidell on March 16, 2012

      Everyone needs to back Spike: A Love Story so we can play in Bob Mode. Froaction!

    2. Creator David Richards on March 17, 2012

      If it wasn't for video games, there would be no creativity in this world!

    3. Creator Tasha Hock on March 17, 2012

      Thrilled about the progress on The Oracle Project! Fabulous work by Heather Hart!!

    4. Creator Ceric Lasentri on March 17, 2012

      ROFL@ David Richards. That's not true. LOL....

    5. Creator Paul Horrigan on March 18, 2012

      Wasteland!!! WHOOHOO!!!.........*clears throat*.....*waves*

    6. Creator Jackson on March 18, 2012

      All this stuff sounds great -- but the credibility of kickstarter is sorely lacking with all the "fund my life" projects that kickstarter refuses to take down. Like this one: Not only is this campaign asking for living expenses for 3 months, but it's a contest that costs a $50 pledge to enter! Kickstarter has the potential to be awesome, but such potential awesomeness will be crippled by projects like the one I refer to. It's a pity that kickstarter management doesn't care enough about their site to police the bad apples. Do all the truly great projects (like the ones mentioned above) make up for the ripoff ones like the Orphanage Writer's Residency? Only time will tell. Does management care enough about quality to weed out projects like that, or do they just want the fees such projects will generate from the desperate suckers who fork over $50 each for a chance to get their life funded for 3 months?

    7. Creator Amy Claxton on March 19, 2012

      This all sounds so awesome, it gives us hope that our protect will too find the funding after so much hard work!

    8. Creator Tracy Ruckman on March 19, 2012

      Spike wears me out just watching him!

      Thrilled to be part of this "epic week" - we posted our project just a few days ago, so that counts, right? :-)

    9. Creator Jack Hampton on January 9, 2013

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    10. Creator Remas Haytham on February 7, 2014

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