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This week, aside from gearing up for SXSW, we've been hot on the rtail of everyone's favorite extremely successful creator and bad-ass game guru Tim Schafer. Our own Cindy Au met up with Tim and the Two Player Productions team during GDC this week. With 4 days left, the project has currently raised over $2.4 million from over 71,000 backers for the production of Double Fine Adventure. Our. minds. are. still. blown. It seems like Tim's mind is also, for lack of a better word, blown, as these pictures posted on Venture Beat attest. 

As SXSW approaches, we are pretty stoked to learn that ATX legend, creator of the infamous "Hi, How Are You?" illustration and all-around American music phenom Daniel Johnston will be premiering his Infinite Comic of Musical Greatness at what looks to be a pretty, pretty stellar event next Tuesday, March 13th, in Austin. They've begun shipping the comic to backers, and will be debuting the iPad app at the event, which will also feature live performances by Kickstarter alum R. Stevie Moore, Built to Spill, Kimya Dawson, Will Sheff (Okkervil River) and Daniel himself. Clearly, this is a do-not-miss event. 

The SXSW Film Fest kicks off today, and to celebrate you should watch the bewilderingly beautiful experimental short film Solilpsist, which premiered online earlier this week and will even be projected onto buildings in downtown Austin during SXSW as part of Vimeo’s programming. A perfect piece of mid-afternoon pyschedelia!  

And lastly, have you printed out any Instagrams yet? NO!!!!! What are you waiting for?!?! Clearly, you must not have seen the Instaprint, a new project which allows users to print pictures from Instagram simply by including hashtag #instaprint in the caption of a photo. One of the coolest parts of the project is that they've had a camera focused solely on two of the machines and have been streaming Instaprint sessions live for days now. Check it out, just Instagram a picture, hashtag it #instaprint and tune into the stream to watch your picture print out in classic Polaroid style. Pretty chill, at least chill enough to get you through the rest of Friday afternoon and lead you into the weekend. Sayonara!

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