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This week in Kickstarter there were a lot of awesome updates. So we're now given the task of clueing you — the public at large — into these awesome bits and pieces from projects that are, to say it lightly, friggin' awesome. Ok, let's go! 

It's been a great pleasure of mine to see all of the Crania Anatomica Filigre's out in the real world, and as long as Joshua Harker is posting backers photos as updates, I'll continue to reblog them, as there is nothing better than seeing a laser cut skull out in the wild. Proof is in the poison. Peep a whole set over on our Tumblr

You may have walked to work today, but chances are you didn't leap over a fire hydrant, only to backflip and roll on the side walk before you entered the building. If you did, that is awesome. If you didn't, well, you can live vicariously through the folks featured in People in Motion, a "90 minute film showcasing the potential people have to move through time and space." Mosey on over to that play  button and get inspired, and sooner or later you'll be walking on the sides of a building like it's your job. 

While some people were doing backflips at Burning Man, others were testing out new products. Case in point: this video Scott Wilson shared, which finds the LunaTik creator doing some field research and getting feedback from Joe at Threadless. Awesome to see Windy City compatriots working in unison. Now if I only had an iPad...

Speaking of iPads, if I had one I'd probably spend some time on the train reading The Order of the Stick. Fortunately for me, creator Rich Burlew is running a project right now to put the comic back in print, and well, it's going crazy, with the project skyrocketing past their funding goal and continuing to soar, so much so that they have eclipsed the peak of this chart they posted the other day, which means...maybe there will be another? One can only hope. 

Last but not least, our fearless leader Yancey Strickler sat down with FUSE this past week to talk about his favorite jams of the moment. His #1 jam, Peaking Lights 936, which if you haven't heard it, is awesome and definitely worthy of soundtracking your next macro-biotic picnic near a stream. Also worth pointing out that this video features bull rider Pistol Robinson, which is a really awesome name, so you should probably watch it. Right?! Ok, good. 

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    3. Joe Cunningham on

      Go to YouTube and watch the "Cottontown Chorus" singing "Queen's" Fat Bottom Girl. This group 50 dad's and granddads from Bolton England, don't just sing the song , they live the's hilarious, enjoy!!

      Joe Cunningham (UK)

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      Nad on

      Dear Kickstarter,
      Is there any progress on opening up for European projects? How hard is it to add an extra payment system such as Paypal or any other?

    5. HMcG on

      Well, just imagine what a project to produce an Order of the Stick ( ) point 'n click adventure game ( ) would raise! One can only dream.

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