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Live this week from Park City, Utah it's....This Week in Kickstarter! Ok, ok, I'm not actually at Sundance, but a lot of Kickstarter projects are. Seventeen, count 'em, seventeen(!) films that were funded on Kickstarter are set to premiere at the illustrious Bob Redford-approved festival. No big deal, you guys. Our very own Liz Holm is on the scene in Park City taking in the festivities and has already spotted a ton of Kickstarter projects out in the wild. Case in point, this bulletin board plastered with posters for Fourplay: Tampa, letting passersby know exactly when they can check the film out. Awesome! 

Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film project video thumbnail
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Happy to wake up this morning and see that "a concert film/tour documentary/psychedelic thingamajig with musician Bill Callahan" had launched. Really dig how director Hanly Banks frames the film as a different breed, which feels appropriate in terms of Mr. Callahan, who is no doubt, a different breed of songwriter. It makes me happy, so happy I might just go ski jumping.

While some projects are starting, others are heading to their end destinations. For instance, Ko Nakatsu's HIYA rewards are almost all but out the door. But before he hit the post office, Ko did a lil something-something with his boxes. Look closely and you'll see that all these boxes, laid out in this way says thanks to all backers who helped them get this far. If I weren't already crying from listening to Bill Callahan all day, this would set me off. 

We've covered the initial stages of a project, and the later already in this post, so let's cut to the meat and potatoes of a project. And so, let's take a peek inside Cody & Einat, a short film currently funding on site and already in production, as we can see from this amazing shot which finds Einat in the process of becoming, er himself. 

Stay tuned for more next week! 

    1. Corey Post on

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    2. Bruce Benjamin Thomas on

      It's amazing that Kickstarter has successfully funded so many Sundance projects, and great that you sent someone there to represent your company, but it's be wonderful if they could post more frequent updates along with more pictures. Many of us have followed these projects and it's be nice to be able to hear and see more about them at a different setting--Sundance. I'll be glad to volunteer to help next year if you'd like some help covering the event as I almost went this year and probably will attend next if I have time.

    3. Steve Wilhelm on

      Also this week, it is the one year anniversary of my funding Vere Sandal Company on Kickstarter. Not the best experience. Quite a stark contrast to the great experience I backing MINIMAL's TikTok.

    4. Cathy Beasley on

      So exciting! I love that there is a place for artist's ideas and visions to be heard and to become a reality :).

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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