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A big week over here at Kickstarter HQ! If you didn't notice, we kicked it off with our Year in Review, a massive compendium of all the awesomeness that happened in the Kickstarter universe in 2011.

Not gonna lie, we had a lot of fun compiling this, so if you haven't checked it out yet...what are you waiting for?!?! You know you can't resist watching the 12 best Kickstarter videos of the year

Speaking of awesome videos, the guys behind PigPen Theatre Company made one of our favorites. Coincidentally, they also popped by the office this week and performed a couple of tunes on the dark, vacant fourth floor in our building. This empty, semi-disheveled room, which may or may not have appeared in the Saw franchise, pairs quite nicely with PigPen's downhome folk. 

In stuff that will probably appear in 2012's Year in Review, Creative Capital just awarded a handful of Kickstarter alums with grants to continue making incredible works. Big ups to Tahir Hemphill of Hip Hop Word Count, Brian L. Frye and Penny Lane of Our Nixon, Mark Elijah Rosenberg director of Orbit, and Matthew Porterfield  director of Putty Hill &I Used to Be Darker, who was also selected to be apart of the 2012 Whitney Biennial. No big deal, you guys. (Ed note: This actually is a very big deal!)

Speaking of big deals, Sundance kicks off next week and Kickstarter will most certainly be holding it down in Park City. Fourplay and The Thing are back with new campaigns to help get the films out into the world and Playtime , a new film based on Billy Wilder's People on Sunday, launched a project this week making it the 16th Kickstarter film screening at Sundance this year. Sweet 16! 

And last but not least, we had a birthday in the office this week! Since there's no better way to celebrate somebody's birthday than embarrassing them, we not only gifted Jared a hot dog suit, but then forced him to wear it while conducting a staff meeting. This only works if said person is a really good sport, and in this particular instance, Jared was a very good sport. Happy birthday, man! Next year, we'll get you the mustard to go with the dog. Also, we're hiring(!), so if the idea of getting a hot dog suit for you birthday sounds appealing, check out our jobs page

    1. Bruce Benjamin Thomas on

      I've been watching religiously this past year and can't wait to see what this new year brings. Sounds like you have plans to make 2012 even bigger. That'll be an amazing feat as 2011 was incredible.

    2. Chris Jones on

      Thanks KICKSTARTER for giving our small theatre company a chance to survive budget cuts. You have given us hope!

    3. Pomfennworks Studio on

      What a great forum for sustaining our culture while government tries to take it away. Pomfennworks Studio, we've got things to do.

    4. Missing avatar

      Louis Santiago on

      I tempted to apply for a job just for the hope of getting the hot dog suit; you folks have a great site and should all be blessed with great health and all good things!

      W/kind regards
      Founder of CannaSense

    5. nasco on

      ok fuck u :) <3 (K)

    6. Missing avatar

      brontide on

      Is there any way to comment on a project that you have not backed. I see one that has raised and been funded to the tune of $150k which will never be able to deliver a product since the optics do not work. The pictures are pretty and I'm sure the mock-ups look great, but the product will not work as advertised and the FAQ indicates that the creators are intentionally misleading backers.

    7. 3Bit on

      KickStarter is great! but I have yet to reach my goal yet. Hopefully I'll raise more funding for my first person shooter "Abandoned".

    8. Missing avatar

      Ray Culver on

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    9. Remas Haytham on

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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