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We're not even a full week into 2012  and, not gonna lie, we're feeling pretty good about the upcoming year, impending Apocalypse and all! All kidding aside, it's been a pretty productive week in the Kickstarter universe and, as always, we're happy to share a few things we've found exciting.

We've been following Stuart Murdoch's God Help the Girl project for the past couple of weeks and it's been absolutely amazing to see such an ambitious project garner so much support. We were even more amazed to hear the man who wrote "If You're Feeling Sinister" wax poetic about our little ole website, which is exactly what he did in this project update video. To quote the man himself, "Kickstarter is really good. I’m so glad it exists. It’s a very genuine thing. It’s a very genuine way to connect with people. It’s completely Belle & Sebastian in that sense." Funny, we thought the same thing! 

As y'all know, we have a major soft spot for rewards out in the wild, so it's been amazing for us to see Crania Anatomica Filigre creator Josh Harker posting images backers sent him of the Crania in their realm. There are a slew(!) of them, and while we wish we could post all of them, could not post This Week in Kickstarter without including the above image. Can you spot the Crania amongst this skull-filled shrine? Oh, and if you are a backer, be sure to send Josh a picture of your own Crania hanging out wherever it hangs out. 

Got cable? Well, if you do there is a pretty good chance you caught The Iran Job on CNN this week. Didn't catch it? No worries, as CNN shared the piece on their site promptly after it aired. Justly, the creators celebrated last night with a party for backers and supporters of the film. We wished we could've attended, but...

We were busy hosting a screening of RUMUR's Battle of Brooklyn for press and backers. Why, you may ask? Because, the film, which chronicles the eminant domain case surrounding Atlantic Yards, the future home of the Brookyln Nets, has been shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, and as part of the process the film is screening all over the country, in an effort to build momentum before the Oscars. Not gonna lie, we love Battle of Brooklyn and we love the Oscars, so we're just happy we could join the process. It. was. fun. And the movie is awesome, so if it's playing in your town, go see it!

Before we head off into the Friday sunset, we couldn't not point to the latest update from the Museum of Non-Visible Art project. Ya know, the one that a certain James Franco is part of. Well, they've been busy shipping rewards and working on the museum, and recently they just launched a website. As a place for ideas and re-thinking the definition of reality, one gets a good sense that this Museum will truly be like no other. And so, we'll end This Week in Kickstarter with a quote from the MoNA on how they feel about the whole experience. 

This whole project is growing so much more than we dreamed. It has made us very happy because so many people want to collaborate and help, like you. It is like a scene from a fairy tale where it all works out and there is a touch of magic or disbelief attached that makes it all the more real and wondrous. It is art from the beginning to the end, and you are a visionary patron. We thank you for that.

No, MoNA, we thank you for helping us re-conceptualize our everyday lives. Wait, are we even alive right now? Is this all a dream? Hmmm. Oh, well, see ya next week!

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