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This week in Kickstarter, Greece started a project. Or, rather, McSweeney's treated us to a hypothetical Kickstarter project to solve Greece's financial woes. Little worried about the $18.6 billion goal, but with rewards like the having a topless beach named after you (the Olympia Dukakis) and being afforded the title of "Shipping Magnate" (the Michael Chiklis), it's possible they may be on to something. Good luck!

McSweeney's spot on mock-up wasn't the only thing to catch our eyes this week. This headline, "Unreleased Elliott Smith, Deerhunter on Kickstarter Comp for Open Source Project CASH Music," sent a shock wave of "WHOA" around the office. This CASH Music project update went even deeper in sussing out what is sure to be a massive compilation featuring a total of 48 artists, including Neon Indian, The National, Throwing Muses, Xiu Xiu, Grass Widow, and Kickstarter alums Jherek Bischoff, Kim Boekbinder, and Amanda Palmer

In other Kickstarter music news, Stuart Murdoch is gearing up to start filming God Help The Girl, and he needs your help! As the Belle & Sebastian frontman said in an announcement, "We are looking for young talented people for many parts, so we would like to offer the opportunity for up and coming actors, singers and dancers to apply." After sending your headshot to Stuart, if you find yourself in Brooklyn tonight, head on over to Ad Hoc's fundraising party at 285 Kent, where Ital, Slava, Laurel Halo, Weird Magic, Ilirjana Alushaj, and Jan Woo will be jamming tunes. The project ends on Monday, so go meet the Ad Hoc gang and ensure that the DIY music community thrives on. 

Another week, another beautiful update from a typography project that makes us daydream about what it must have been like to send party invitations at the turn of the century. The above comes from the Ludlow Project, which archived and preserved the classic metal typeface, which is filed in the Printing Museum

People on Tumblr really dug the Ludlow Project photos. They also loved Muffin Buds, and so, couldn't help but post this mosaic of Muffin Buds animated images here for all and to send you all into the weekend. 

    1. David J. Loehr on

      Well, you may not have saved Greece, but you did save a play about "how to survive a Greek tragedy."

      The best part is, anything over and above the Kickstarter goal will go directly to the cast of the show.

    2. UnPlanned Events on

      We love those muffin buds! :)
      It is interesting to see the development of an art form over time, like typography & where it has come today. We have a very talented designer on our team who is obsessed with typography & is always creating her own fonts & things like that. We are curious as to just how many different fonts there are out there & which ones are the most popular besides the typical TImes New Roman & Arial....hmm could be a good project eh?

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      Namaku Keren on

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