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Ok, it's the last week of the year, which means this is the last This Week in Kickstarter for 2011. No need to cry though, as we're pretty excited for the new year. Oh, you are too? Awesome. But, before we pop bottles, let's review a few things on our radar this week.

Got New Years plans? No?! Awesome, then you should ring in the New Year by seeing Dee Rees's Pariah, the Kickstarter-funded film that won Excellence in Cinematography award last year at Sundance, was picked up by Focus Features and opened nationally on Wednesday. This calls for a massive "HOORAY!" NPRTIMERolling Stone and WIRED have all praised the film, so you better check it out at a theater near you!

Last week we mentioned Erin Wilson of the Snowbird project who held a virtual dance party for backers and made this awesomely emo drawing. Well, she outdid herself again. This time by answering a Q&A in comic form. The last block of her mini-comic is probably my favorite, so here it is in all its glory. Well done, Erin. Well done. 

Instead of eating leftovers and reading comics like the rest of us, Yancey was out and about talking about Kickstarter and Kickstarter-y things. In all fairness, he does this a lot, but I found this little anecdote from an interview with PC Magazine to be pretty darn charming. 

But the other day, NPR was doing a story about Kickstarter. This guy called in to talk about this brewery that he had backed. He had given them money and they were in a town near his and he was really excited about it. And the host, who was a little skeptical of Kickstarter, said well, you didn't get to make an investment in this. You're just donating the money. But the guy says, you know, I made a life investment with this. I gave them $50 and then I went there and I said I think what you're doing is awesome and he said now I'm their apprentice; they're training me on how to be a brewer. So no, it wasn't a financial investment but it was a life investment. And I thought that was really great."
Not gonna lie, feel pretty good about that guy's life investment. Anyone else made a similar connection through backing a project? I bet some of you have!

And last but not least, some of you may have caught Kickstarter's appearance on NBC's Rock Center earlier week. But, did you see this extended clip of Colin Hanks, director of All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records, shopping for records with Kate Snow? Yeah, we didn't think so. Either way, you definitely should as Hanks talks Tame Impala, Use Your Illusion 1, and record addiction with Mrs. Snow. Don't want to spoil the surprise ending, so let's just say, be sure to watch until the end. Wonder if Kate picked up any records from the Unholy Metal section? Hmmm, guess we'll find out in 2012. See ya then!

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      DS Lunsford on

      Just found this site after seeing the NBC's Rock Center spot. I was impressed.

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      deleted on

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    3. Leslie Varga on

      Happy New Year! .... I really enjoyed visiting this site, keep up the good work.

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      Sean "Doc" Williams on

      I am really happy that Kickstarter exists. I will definitely back some projects and i hope that this site continues to be successful.

    6. Joshua Scott Bentley on

      Pariah looks incredible :)

    7. Fazri Zubair on

      Kickstarter is profound! My brother and I were just talking about this the other day. He introduced me to Kickstater a month or so back, afterwords we started discussing how you wouldn't think a site like this would work. From childhood we are taught to save money, invest wisely and shot for personal gain. But Kickstarter seems to be the opposite of that. With Kickstater your investing in others not for direct personal gain but to help some achieve a dream and bring a project into this world you would like to see. ITS MIND BLOWING and I am so happy Kickstarter exists. Keep up the great work and thank you!

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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