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It's been a big week for us at Kickstarter HQ: we reached 1 million backers, hit $100 million in pledges, we had Chipotle for lunch today, and so many great things are brewing in the Kickstarter community:

Trending this week: the great outdoors! The temperature may be dropping, folks, but community garden projects are still in bloom. (Get it??) We collected our favorites in a handy curated page, so we'll all have something to look forward to come spring.

Did you ever get scolded by your parents for drawing on the walls when you were a kid? I did. It was not good when I decided that red Sharpie would go really well with my Mother's rose patterned wallpaper. I wonder if that's what Molly Crabapple was thinking when she decided to cover the walls of a secret hotel room in paper and then draw squid beasts, platypus', and all sorts of other squiggly creatures all over it. Luckily, we visited Molly in her secret hotel room lair about a month ago to find out. We came back with this video to share with all of you.

We were happy to see director Amy Finkel and her project Furever featured in the New York Times this week! If you didn't catch this project while it was live or see it at our film festival, take heed: Furever is the best documentary about freeze-drying pets we've ever seen.

Ever wonder what happened to that guy who tried to take over the neighborhood kid's lemonade stand?  Yeah, me neither. Either way, Henry Owings has been busy with the Indie Cred Test, released earlier this year, though not busy enough to not sit down and chat about the compendium with a certain Pitchfork magazine, where he gives some great bits of advice on banking. 

And last but not least: We'll be celebrating Comic Con New York and all things geek tonight at our Comic Con Meetup! Join us for drinks, games, and more at the Houndstooth Pub tonight from 7-10pm. BYOT*


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