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Anarchists! Free-gans! Punks! have all occupied Kickstarter this week, as two project documenting the vital history of the D.C. punk scene launched in tandem— Hard Art, a glimpse into the emerging punk scene in 1979 and Positive Force, a doc chronicling the (in)famous punk organization. In true DC punk fashion, both Ian and Alex MacKaye are at the forefront of these projects. DIY or die!

Oh, and speaking of badasses, The Punk Singer, a documentary about riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill fame) is currently knee deep in funding wonder.

Our favorite new reward added to a project this week goes to Stefan Sagmeister and his Happy Film crew. One lucky backer will get to go to therapy with Stefan. As in, you accompany him to his own therapy appointment. No word yet on whether or not said backer can interrupt and solicit some advice for his or her own personal journey.

For those of you in the market to buy an island, here's a hot tip: Craigslist. That's what these guys did, anyway. Their, yes, own private island is 91-acres and in the middle of Lake Superior. Dubious? We were, too. So we interviewed (island-owning) Rob and are now obsessed with finding our way there some time soon. Island-Owning Rob, if you're reading this, we know our way around a pot of oatmeal and we're only halfway terrible with power tools.

It's not everyday you get to talk to the director behind one of your favorite doc's, but when she is funding the follow-up, you just gotta make it happen. And that's exactly what we did when we chatted with Megumi Sasaki about her relationship with humble art collectors, Herb & Dorothy Vogel, and their massive contribution to public art. 

In other art world news, Leon Reid IV's controversial Tourist-In-Chief project, which was initially denied a permit by the New York City Parks Department, recently won an appeal and this past weekend Reid was able to outfit the statue of George Washington riding a horse in Union Square with quintessential tourist garb — "I Love NY" hat, a camera, a NYC subway map, and shopping bags.

And for everyone who is a New Yorker but not a tourist, or statue in Union Square: We'll see you Sunday at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar? Yes? Yes!

Those of you not in New York, may you all find night bazaars of your own, in your equally charming locales, filled with your own semi-ironic shipping containers. 

Have a great weekend!

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