The Top Five Kickstarter Project Updates (So Far)

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Because we view every project as its own story — sometimes self-contained, sometimes a single moment in a larger, passionate pursuit — we encourage creators to give their audience access to the creative process via project updates. You can see these via the “updates” tab on any project page:

We think of these as the behind the scenes DVD features, only supplied real-time and with audience feedback. How can you beat that?

There have been some fantastic project updates so far, and in what we’re sure will become a regular feature, we’d like to share our favorites to date.

#5 Behind the “We Scream” scenes. Maybe it’s how much we love ice cream or how jealous we are of project creator Chris Schlarb’s Asthmatic Kitty background, but we’ve enjoyed following along, learning more about regional ice cream trucks, their filmmaking process and even getting an early peak at some high-quality footage. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

#4 April Smith debuts a new song. Project creators have the option to make their updates available to just their backers, or to everyone. April Smith, a NYC-based musician who has already raised over half of her $10,000 goal in just a handful of weeks, offered her backers a friendly mini-goal: if the project crossed the 50% threshold by this past Saturday, she would post a new song exclusively for them. They hit the goal with ease, and so April posted a video of her sitting on her kitchen floor, dog at her side, playing the new tune. An awesome example of someone taking full advantage of their audience and goal.

#3 Emily’s postcard updates. We love everything about Emily’s project. She’s doing a cross-country trip and wanted to send some homemade postcards along the way as a whimsical art project. Each week she posts images of the seven postcards she has sent out (photos taken as they are dropped into a mailbox for added fun), and as a backer of the project, we’ve been following along, hoping a certain postcard might be ours and just enjoying the sheer amount of work she is doing. Here are a couple of the images:

#2 Shannon Powell joins Electronola for a session. Earl Scioneaux has been the most consistently in-depth project updater so far, which isn’t all that surprising considering the quality of his homemade pitch video and his creative rewards, which include inviting people to his house for some homemade gumbo. In this project update, Earl has the legendary New Orleans drummer Shannon Powell (Preservation Hall Band) into his studio to lay down some tracks that Earl will then sample and mutate into new compositions. It’s an incredibly nuanced and informative look at the recording process.

A close second-place from Earl: when he plays Joe Lastie, another legendary NOLA drummer, dubstep, eliciting a very pleased reaction and a nice moment of old meets new. Highly recommended. Watch it.

#1 Allison Weiss Skypes with the backer who helped her reach her goal. If you’ve been following Kickstarter at all, you’ve most likely heard of Allison Weiss, the young Georgia-based singer who has shown us all how it’s done. With prodigious gifts at promotion and creative engagement, Allison has become the benchmark for the Kickstarter community, from her pitch video to the language of her project to the rewards.

The community would also be wise to follow along with Allison’s project updates. So far she has: taken requests for a show, solicited album title ideas and votes for favorites, posted consistent updates — both video and text — from the studio and on and on. She’s a powerhouse.

Our favorite, though, was when Allison made a Skype call to the person who pushed her over the $2,000 goal: an Australian woman named Jacquie Tran. The conversation is ridiculously endearing, as we watch Allison wrap her brain around the time zone difference and the Aussie accent and Jacquie confess that she’s a recent fan who isn’t sure she deserves the honor. Everything about it is sweetly authentic, and everything that makes Kickstarter special.