The Story of Afghan-American Artist Ariana Delawari

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For the past month, internationally acclaimed artist Ariana Delawari has been raising funds for a documentary project on Afghanistan that will tell her family’s fascinating story and chronicle her own artistic journey in the country. Now, with just a couple days left until her project ends, she’s raised more than twice her goal from the support of more than 80 backers. No doubt playing a hand in the momentum is her great pitch video (below), a compelling narrative that offers a glimpse into the depth and richness of the film to come.

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Delawari’s creative breadth spreads far; she’s a musician, filmmaker, photographer, and actress, and it’s clear that each persona will realize itself in her film. What propelled the project into action was a trip that she took to Afghanistan in 2007 to record her album. Her friends joined her for the effort and documented the project, and from the photographs, footage, and interviews they collected, they realized the story was bigger than the making of the album; it was the story of Afghanistan and her family. I couldn’t help but look deeper into the work she’s created so far: the music that spawns a larger dialogue about creativity blooming in the face of oppression.

Here’s a video compilation of Delawari performing her songs:

Below she discusses her new album in an interview with David Lynch:

On Delawari’s personal website you’ll find press clippings that offer further insight into her work, music to listen to and purchase, handwritten lyrics, and photos like the ones below, which she took herself on her trips to Afghanistan. 

You can support Delawari’s documentary project here.