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Frank Chimero is a Portland-based graphic designer, teacher, and illustrator. He’s given lectures, won some pretty cool awards, and is a co-founder of the popular graphic design blog Thinking for a Living. Forty-eight hours ago, he launched a Kickstarter project to self-publish his book, The Shape of Design, a manifesto on how to approach the world of contemporary design and “make things that help us live better.”

…many say that graphic design is visual communication. A cornerstone of communication is storytelling, and yet you’d be hard-pressed to find any discussion of how to tell stories with design in any design book. This should be remedied.

Apparently, Chimero’s fanbase agreed. In just over four hours, his project had met and surpassed its $27,000 funding goal. Two days later, with a community mobilized thanks to Frank’s well considered approach (the super stylish project video, above, is ideal fodder for design geeks), it stands at more than double that. Congratulations, Frank!


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      Creator Dharyl Strikes on August 25, 2012

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      Creator Wayne Fisher on October 11, 2012