"The Secret Number" Cracks the Film Project Secret

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Filmmakers often wonder when to bring their projects to Kickstarter — pre-production, production, post-production, the film festival circuit, etc. In our opinion, even more important than when is how. Having a proof of concept is essential: communicating past experience and visual examples of your work and expressing a comprehensive plan to complete your project within a reasonably certain time frame.

Colin Levy recently launched a campaign for his short film The Secret Number, and the execution is flawless. First off, he lets everyone know his timeline from the onset:

Right now we’re in pre-production. We’re going to be working throughout the duration of the Kickstarter campaign — scouting locations, casting, storyboarding, doing camera tests.

Our shoot dates are locked for early February, and postproduction will likely take us into May of 2011.

You can even follow progress on the film’s production blog:http://secretnumber.colinlevy.com/.

Colin also runs through all the other need-to-know details: how Kickstarter works, what the film’s about (which in itself is pretty awesome — the existence of a secret integer!), and what funds will be used for. And the rewards are solid: well-priced and chock full of options.

Now for the real fun: the pitch video, which features a lot of the above details plus wonderful visuals, clips from past film work, and heartfelt commentary from Colin and other members of the team. It’s one thing to read about the mysterious number between 3 and 4 and another to anticipate the story that’s developing right now as we’re watching. I don’t know Colin and I had never heard about this story before, but I felt instantly compelled to support. Now, that’s a well-presented project!

You can support the project here.

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