The Process: Hollowed Out Books

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The best books are loaded with intrigue: hidden passageways, espionage, and secrets. It's no wonder then that Bender Bound's Booze Books are so wildly popular. Their team takes literary classics such as Sherlock Holmes, and then repurposes them into a super secret safe in disguise. We asked them how they do it.


Part of the fun of making Booze Books is choosing titles that invoke feelings of nostalgia, creating a sort of cheeky shrine to all our literary friends from yesteryear. We also like the sense of rebellion that comes from hiding booze in plain sight. One of our favorite photos came from a judge who hid his Booze Book on the bookshelf in his chambers!


We begin by tracing the flask shape onto a thin piece of wood.

Next we drive screws through the wood and into the section of the book we wish to cut.

We then use a drill press to create a hole in the flask outline large enough to fit a jigsaw blade.

Next we cut along the flask outline using a jigsaw. We experimented with a variety of different tools for cutting the books, including scroll saws, CNC machines, and even a laser (I still have the burn marks), but in the end, a simple jigsaw worked best. Through our current Kickstarter campaign, however, we hope to raise funds to make new Booze Books designed just for us using an even more efficient process for cutting the flask shape into the books.

Finally, we remove the cut pages and sand away any burn marks.

In terms of the glass flasks we hide inside the books, we use a glue gun and special wax rods to create the seal on the flasks.

 For more information on the Bender Bound's most recent project, click here.

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