The Preview Link: Feedback Before Launching

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Every project creator goes through it: as it comes time to click "Launch" and send their Kickstarter out into the wild, everything gets double- and triple-checked. The description gets read and re-read, the video gets watched and re-watched, and each reward gets tweaked until it's perfect. But sometimes what's really needed is a fresh pair of eyes.

To help with that, today we're introducing a new feature for project creators called the Preview Link. Activating the Preview Link allows you to share your project with friends and collaborators before you launch. Want to be certain that your video is solid and that your rewards are just right? The Preview Link lets you get reassurance from the people you trust.

To activate, click "Get preview link" at the top of your project preview while making your project.

You'll see a link to your project, which you can copy and send to whomever you like. The link isn't password protected, so it's very easy to share with friends. If you want to turn off your preview you can do that with the "Disable preview link" button too. Toggle on and off at will.

We hope this feature will make the project creation process even easier, and allow your friends and community to become a part of your project even earlier. Thanks!

    1. Brian L. Frye & Penny Lane on

      Another awesome feature that I'd wished for.

    2. Cassie Marketos on

      So excited for this one!

    3. Kevin Clark on

      You guys keep adding new, practical and sensible features. Well done.

    4. Dan Bodenstein on

      Fantastic, can't wait to launch my next project(s)

    5. Mattson Tomlin on

      Wonderful addition.

    6. Nick Disabato on

      Perfectly timed for me. Thanks.

    7. Tyler Tinsley on

      WOOT! nicely done, nicely done.

    8. ClockOS Team on

      Yes another wonderful feature that I have wanted. I am loving all the new tools kickstarter is adding to make it better.

    9. Nelson de Witt on

      Love it. A really great idea and something I'm definitely going to use!

    10. Ermela on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    11. Mark & Lisa Burginger on

      Great idea! THX! Right now, I am using my entire campaign developing prototypes - videos - trying to "get it right" - any chance for a small anonymous rating (1 to 5) button ? to get feedback, and perhaps comment field like this one?

    12. Roman Edirisinghe on

      Oh wow, I saw that preview button, but thought it was just limited to me!

    13. divaD27182 on

      Sounds good, but how about going further and allowing an explicitly public preview, and adding them to the discover pages?

    14. Lynn Hardy on

      Will people be able to see the actual project from this same link once the project launches?

    15. Daniella Jaeger on

      Hi Lynn, great question. Once you launch your project, the preview link will redirect to your live project.

    16. LIz Silverman on

      Your comment says redirect- does this mean the actual live project will have another url/link and that the preview link/url redirects to this? Basically- is there a way to know the live link before it is live?

    17. Daniella Jaeger on

      Hi Liz,
      The preview link will be different from your live link. You won't know your live link until you launch your project.

    18. Master Mingtong Gu on

      Hi Daniella,
      How long can a project be in Preview mode? If there's no specific timeframe, then one can assume it can be just a few days or over 30. Thanks.

    19. Daniella Jaeger on

      Hi mingtong,
      You have all the time you need to set up your project, so your preview link can remain active as long as you need as well.

    20. James Lee Marsh on

      is there a option to delete feedback? we are using it to comunicate changes with our team and now that the changes are made we want to take them off so other we are showing dont see the whole chat...

    21. Daniella Jaeger on

      @James Lee Marsh: There isn't an option to delete feedback at the moment, but thanks for letting us know. We'll keep it in mind!

    22. Dale Rorabaugh on

      preview link not working

    23. Daniella Jaeger on

      @Dale Rorabaugh: I checked out your preview link and it seems to be working fine. Please click the 'Preview' button at the top right of your Edit Project page. There you'll see a black bar with 'Your preview link.' Copy and paste that link into your URL bar and the page should turn up.

    24. Clare Rowley on

      Is the preview link the same as the final project link? I want to send out a news blast and just need to know if it's the same?

    25. Daniella Jaeger on

      @Clare Rowley: Your project link will be different, so you might want to wait till you launch to share it. However your preview link *will* redirect to your live project.

    26. Thomas Kurylo on

      when you say redirect to live project is it an automatic thing? Is it like the equivilant of clicking the regular link. If thats the case what really is the difference? Would it hurt us to start advertising with the preview link?

    27. Daniella Jaeger on

      @Thomas Kurylo It's automatic, but the preview link is a jumble of numbers. Your real URL once your project is live will be clearer so I'd opt for sharing that one if you can wait.

    28. Ralph Haney on

      Daniella stated, "Your real URL once your project is live will be clearer so I'd opt for sharing that one if you can wait." Unfortunately, to build excitement pre-launch we cannot wait. We are doing a national press release and will have to use this jumbled link in the PR. Maybe this link/timing issue can be addressed for future PR concerns (tinyurl or similar?).

    29. Zuul Labs on

      @Daniella Jaeger So if we wanted to create a QR code to have on business cards to pass out once our campaign is live, it is safe to use the preview link to do so? Or create a tinyurl as Ralph mentioned. We like to have stuff ready to push out the same day our campaign goes live, but don't want to put the money into it if the link will not work. Thanks for all the feedback.

    30. Daniella Jaeger on

      @Zuul Labs: The preview link *should* redirect to the live project but I hesitate to endorse the use of the preview link for any high volume referrals since I'm unsure if there would be unintended side effects, for example, referral sources in the project dashboard.

    31. Vanessa Warheit on

      I have the exact same issue as Zuul Labs - wanting to print cards with a QR code and have them at the ready the day we launch. I've got a tinyurl (which is way better than the Kickstarter jumble) would really recommend that Kickstarter change its protocol to make the preview link the same as the final link!

    32. Brooks Hobbs & Jolena Rhodes on

      I would suggest bitly. You can custom creat your URL with this and it actually tells you how many clicks you receive through the link example: I have a project I am about to launch this is the URL to it...(… ) I changed it through bitly to allowing me to track it and when it goes live it will redirect using the same easy URL that I can put on all my promotion material. Again the cool part is you can track traffic to your URL it breaks it down in last 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 7 days! I hope this helps someone at least!!!

    33. Brooks Hobbs & Jolena Rhodes on

      I used those examples cause they were accurate and in no way want anyone to click on the above links please I was just trying to help!

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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