The New York Times & Kickstarter: We're launching a new showcase for documentaries

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Documentary filmmaking has always thrived on Kickstarter, and we couldn’t be prouder of all the incredible work that’s gathered funding on the site — we’ve seen films go on to garner widespread acclaim, Oscar nominations, even an Oscar win. Browsing through the best-loved documentaries of any given year always turns up plenty of films we had the privilege of working with.

Starting this month, we’re teaming up with a pretty exciting institution to help share even more of that fantastic work: The New York Times. Over the coming months, The Times will be hosting great short-form documentaries, all made with Kickstarter, on its Times Video page, with a new film taking a turn in the spotlight each week — films The Times has hand-picked to inform, entertain, and broaden the worlds of its readership.

These selections span both the globe and the diversity of filmmaking talent on Kickstarter. Six terrific stories — each running a compact ten to thirty minutes — are ready to watch right now:

  • The first to be featured is Joey Daoud’s Strike — the story of Bill Fong, an underdog bowler who suddenly begins nailing strike after strike after strike.
  • Sandy Patch’s The Last Ice Merchant follows Baltazar Ushca, the last of his brothers to make a living harvesting ice from the glaciers of Ecuador.
  • Scott Elliot tells the story of The Tree That Would Not Be Broken — a pear tree that was the last living thing rescued from the ruins of the World Trade Center.
  • Minka: A Farmhouse in Japan, from Davina Pardo, tells a tale of place and memory.
  • In Elvis Loses His Excess & Other Tales from the World’s Longest Yard Sale, Riley Hooper introduces us to the characters of a 690-mile roadside sale, stretching from Michigan to Alabama.
  • And A Harlem Mother, by Ivana Todorovic, mixes 1998 documentary footage by shot LaTraun Parker with a view of his mother Jean’s life after LaTraun was murdered at age 26.

Take a look, enjoy the selections, and stay tuned for more — we’re incredibly happy to be working with The Times to share important films with the world!

    1. kate suyong bryant on

      Awesome to see so much diversity in the makers and the subject matter. Looking forward to watching!

    2. Alexandra on

      Great initiative Kickstarter! What excites me the most is the influence you are starting have on the mainstream - shifting things and giving attention to the "independents".

    3. Jenny Zhang on

      I love how you guys keep inspiring other project creators. Awesome partnership and just the right way forward for Kickstarter!

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      june owens on

      This is great! Good job! Will send you some projects. Love this concept!

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      Namaku Keren on

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      teguhbejo on

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