The New Project Page

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The project page is the heart and soul of Kickstarter. It's where creators share their project ideas and backers go to see what they have in mind. In the last 30 days, close to 60% of the pageviews on Kickstarter have been to project pages. Project pages are a big deal.

When we were designing the first versions of Kickstarter, the project page was where we started. We endlessly debated how big the stats should be, how prominent the pitch video should be, what elements deserved to be higher on the page, how many columns the page should have, how comments, backers, and updates should relate to the project page, and much more. It was a long, long process.

In the last three years we've made some incremental changes (here's the original project page, and here's the project page we just replaced). But recently we decided to step back and challenge many of our original assumptions.

For months, we tried new ways of thinking about the page, but there were always trade-offs that we didn't like. Time and again we came back to the same structure we've always had. And while it might've been fun to unveil something completely new and radical, we gained confidence that we got a lot of things right the first time around. 

Today we're excited to launch a refreshed project page. The change went live across Kickstarter this morning. You can see a snapshot of it here:

So what has changed?

  • Creator information is easier to find. Creator details are now prominently displayed closer to the top of the page. 
  • Location and category are easier to find. Now isolated on the top right so they compete less with other info.
  • Short description of project added. The short description has always been on project widgets, the homepage, and other pages but never on the project page itself. It's the quickest way to get a sense of what the project's about in the creator's own words.
  • Launch date and funding end date added. Next to the short description are the launch date and the date when funding will end.
  • Larger video. We made the entire left column larger, so now videos are bigger! 
  • Design tweaks. We centered the title and creator name (more of a cinematic feel), made it more obvious when a project is successfully funded, adjusted fonts and spacing, and made lots of other touch-ups to make the page more cohesive.

To see the new design, just go to any project page. We hope you like the update!

    1. MasterCosmo Solutions on

      I feel that the default text size is a bit too big in the Story part of the project page. Other than that I love it.

      Any chance of a better text editor window in the Story?

    2. Missing avatar

      Robin Wagner on

      I like the design changes with one exception. The "your a backer" emblem is so small and out of the way as to go totally unnoticed. I liked the original emblem and placement much better. I always felt really proud to be a backer of a project every time I would see that emblem. Now I don't get that nice reinforcement. It's a very emotional thing. Something you might want to look into.

    3. Daniel Chećko on

      I agree with Robin

    4. Kevin Clark on

      One tiny thing I've dealt with is having to create 4x3 video so it doesn't get letterboxed from 16x9, which is a native aspect ratio for lots of stuff nowadays. It might be great to have the player resize to widescreen for widescreen videos, though I don't know what other design choices that would affect, or how hard it would be to do (probably very).

    5. Matthew John Richard Kump on

      I was going to say the same thing as Robin.

      Also, I couldn't tell (at first glance) if the label indicating what level 'I' backed at was hanging off my backed level, or dipping into it. I feel like my backing level could use a slightly different style (pale green background?).

      Other than that though, I like a lot of the decisions! Nice work.

    6. Snake (the Zine) on

      I like it a lot, and don't mean for this suggestion to imply that I don't think the redesign is great. So: it's great.

      But one thing that was nice in the old layout was the line showing how many projects the Kickstarterer had backed before. For example, Jack Cheng's full bio shows that he's backed 29 Kickstarter projects. Seeing that number makes someone feel more like a part of the Kickstarter community, and makes me more inclined to back their project. It's only a click away now, I know, but it was nice having that number visible before.

    7. Ber on

      All the fine tuning above sounds worth thinking about to me, but overall I'd like to throw in another +1 great job on the redesign. All your change rationale makes perfect sense to me, and the larger video and font sizes in the left column are really good. Only took me about 5 minutes to get used to the changes!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ana on

      A like the design changes, but Robin has a point.

    9. Mario Lurig

      @Charlie: That's a great point and I think important for the community to see without extra clicks.
      @Robin: Agree
      I actually miss the blue boxes around the top row of navigation, only because newcomers will completely miss (visually) those options now that they are so close in color to the background. The video dominates the page and thus sets the 'top' of their visual field.

      Overall it's a design improvement, we're just nitpicking.

    10. Lynn Hacking on

      The left column is too big – until I read the blog I thought my resolution was whacked. The larger left column shows less project-at-a-glance on the screen (and I have a large hi rez screen) - I had to adjust my "story" to accommodate the changes and I'm sure it's a common malady - but I love you guys!

    11. Missing avatar

      John Stewart on

      The text in the left column is way too big, and the font in the right column (where the rewards are listed) is way too small. If I'm going to donate to a project, I like to be able to read the rewards clearly, and with this new design you have to strain to read them, which makes me not want to even bother going through them.

    12. Jason Christopher Faught on

      + changes: The project creator's personal information box is now directly under the funding/goal box. The project creator is now clearly labeled as the creator in comments.

      - changes: "You are a backer" and 'this project is funded' stamps moved out of the funding/goal box. (Guys, once I've pledged, the first place my eyes go is to this window, I can't be the only one with this mind set.) The 'contact me' button has been moved down into the creators info box and doesn't even look like a button anymore, just a simple link. And the project reminder button has been moved too, from just above the funding box to below the video. (If I am interested in following a project before I pledge, having the reminder star just above the funding box was perfect.)

      Come on, two really good changes and four bad ones? Please don't play games with your users more than you have to.

    13. Jason Christopher Faught on

      So in summary:

      Thats 6 people who agree that the 'you're a backer' stamp shouldn't have been moved.

      And yes, the 'funded' stamp is much more obvious, obnoxiously so. I liked it just where it was. Grr...

      Follow button and contact me button are not conveniently placed. (Highlighting the contact me button would be good.) I liked the follow button right where it was.

      I also agree with Charlie Park, that seeing project creators with 'projects backed' is a good thing.

    14. kitt hodsden on

      @jason 7 people! probably more, though one could argue the blue "manage your pledge" vs the green "back this project" is a "you backed!" indicator. that "one" wouldn't be me.

    15. Colin Lalley on

      A few things I would change (agreed on the "backed projects" note) but overall I dig the streamlined look and I do think this is an improvement overall.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stan Yamane

      One more vote for moving the backer stamp to the way it was. The new badge doesn't give me the same warm, fuzzy feelings for the projects I've backed. For projects that haven't already funded, I often check back to see how they're doing, and seeing the backer stamp next to the current backer/pledge tallies helped me feel more attached to those projects.

      In the new design, I particularly like the new category/place markers - those are much easier to use. Overall it looks cleaner (although it's going to take me a while to get used to those centered titles).

    17. Aura on

      >>Creator information is easier to find.
      + for placing it right under the funding/goal box.
      - for hiding the number of projects a creator has backed and if Kicking It Forward is supported.
      Oddly enough, the information about facebook being linked or not seems important enough to stay though.

      >>Location and category are easier to find.
      - for the new placement.
      They weren't hard to find; Placed right under the Project's title was just fine and made sense.

      >>Short description of project added.
      + for adding this.

      >>Launch date and funding end date added.
      + for adding launch date. End date is now displayed twice.

      Other negative changes:
      * Disproportional text size/ display between left & right column (as already pointed out by others).
      The huge font size of the left column makes everything look like it's bolded, while the left column is hardly readable - both hurt the eyes, so not an improvement to "the heart and soul of Kickstarter".
      * Replacement of the Backer budge with that hardly readable "You selected" (as already pointed out by others).
      Combined with the small font, it almost feels like Kickstarter's trying to downplay the fact that Pledges & Rewards are important/ of value to backers.
      * Blending the various tabs into a neutral background.
      The Home, Updates, Backers & Comments tabs were nicely labelled as such, now they're turned into simple links and blended into the background. Why is this better again?
      * Changes to the "Remind Me", "Contact Me" and "Send Message" buttons.
      The "Send Message" button/ link was completely removed (why?) and moving the other two makes them stick out less, i.e. harder to use.
      * Giving creators that bright yellow "creator tag" in the comments.
      That bright tag also hurts the eyes - the previous layout/ design was more pleasant and creators were easily spotted by the light blue background of their comments.
      * Display of updates
      Changes to the left column made the updates also hurtful to read.
      * Disproportional change to size of posted comments and "Leave a comment" box.
      While the comments display in bigger font now, the box to leave a comment and the text displayed while typing got smaller - how is this practical?

      All in all, it doesn't feel like a positive change in overall.
      You might want to rethink a few things. And while you're at it, I suggest you add the page navigation also to the top of the comments; since the comments display in descending order, if one needs to go back a few pages to catch up with comments, it'd be most useful to spare us the scrolling down in every page to do so.

    18. KevinR

      How do we "send message" to the project creator now? I frequently ask questions prior to backing a project, but now it no longer seems I can. I see no other way than to back the project, post a comment, and then cancel my pledge. Did you intend to remove the stigma of cancelling pledges?

    19. Jason Christopher Faught on

      @KevinR I wondered the same thing for a few minutes. They moved the contact button into the creators info box.

    20. Missing avatar

      justin bordes on

      @ Kickstarter I don't like the new page. The "You're a Backer" sign is not as nice and flashy, the board that shows the amount of money raised is smaller, and the top of the screen that says "Home Updates Backers Comments" isn't very good. But if you could only change one thing I would certainly say you should change the "You're a Backer" sign. That's enough criticism from me; the You're sold out marker is a good improvement and I like the easily accessible info about the project maker.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Lunt on

      There are some nice improvements in this update, but also some real steps backward.

      The new Updates and Comments tabs at the top of project pages are much too small and easy to miss. In fact, many elements of the site are too small and blend in. The gray text is almost invisible on my laptop, and the blue isn't much better. bring back the big blue boxes and make sure all text is large and legible on smaller screens and not just the huge monitors in your designers' offices. Don't be afraid to use a little color to highlight items - this should be a fun, community oriented site, not a stuffy, corporate beast drowning in gray.

      The little yellow "Creator" tag in comments is also much less visible at a glance than the darker color background was. When you're scrolling through large numbers of posts the ability to have project creators' comments jump out at you is more important than you might think.

      I also strongly agree with other commenters that the backer stamp needs to go back where it was, and go back to the large size that it was. That was a badge of pride - you plonked down cold, hard cash to fund someone's project, and you want to feel good about, not have it hidden away someplace.

    22. Jean-Marc Giffin on

      I preferred the old design, personally. The only thing I really like about the new design is the prominence of the project creator information.

    23. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      Moving the "Remind me" button down on the page is a big step back from a usability point of view.

      My normal process when I find a Kickstarter that catches my interest is to scroll down through the text describing the Kickstarter, perhaps read some of the backer levels, and then scroll hard back to the top of the page and click "Remind me" if I want to come back at a later date for more details and possibly back the project.

      With the new design, I now have to use fine motor skills to stop scrolling part way up and find the "Remind Me" button amid a wall of information. Plus I have to scroll down to check if I've already marked a page.

      Consider the original design of the "Start" button in Windows. You could hard scroll the mouse to the bottom left corner...and boom, you were several pixels away from the button and had to navigate back over to it. What a pain! Compare that to the dock or menu bar in MacOS (hard scroll to top or bottom of the screen and you're there) and you can see the difference that seemingly minor user interface details make. Also consider that all recent versions of Windows fixed this problem.

      Please consider moving the "Remind me" button back to the top of the page where it belongs.

    24. nockgeneer on

      I agree with Mark Lunt.

    25. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      I agree with a lot of the above criticism, and I hope you (Kickstarter) will listen to your users and not cave in to "design for the sake of design" trap.

      * "You're a backer" badge. All is said above: it's now placed somewhere you don't expect it to be, and it's hardly noticeable.
      * "You selected" badge. Awful. The only thing that actually tells if it's connected to the pledge level above or below is a 1 pixel divider line. Even a simple colon at the end would clarify things better. A triangular arrow or something - even better. A different background - best.
      * Creator comments. Why did you throw out the color-coding of the background? Usability suffers. Keep both the background and the badge.
      * You completely blended the tabs at the top of the project page with the page background. Now they are much less obviously.. tabs. Maybe they are less clunky than the old ones, but they don't.. scan right.

      On the plus side, creator info block is a good idea, as is the bold status strip for ended projects.

    26. Nigel McNaughton on

      Discovered this page after googling 'where did the remind me button go?' Not good placement there.

    27. Missing avatar

      brontide on

      Please give a way for non-backers to add comments to projects. The multitouch keyboard and mouse appears to another quickly headed into scam territory. Besides the fact that the tech was sketchy to begin with ( yo, FTIR doesn't work all that well in non-controled lighting ) he also appears to have used the kickstart to develop a second touch input device that he DNS registered before being funded.

      I can't comment on the project directly because I refuse to give a dime to someone who is obviously up to no good.

    28. Magentawolf on

      Agreed with Nigel above - It took me a minute of hunting before I found the 'follow this project' star. The original placement was perfect in my opinion.

    29. Jason Christopher Faught on

      I've always wondered why you have to buy into a project just to comment on it...

    30. Bryant Condie on

      Kickstarter - I'm curious how the new design of the tabs is working for customers. Are you seeing the same amount of traffic to the Updates, Backers, and Comments sections of the page? Thanks

    31. Jason Christopher Faught on

      Gee, wouldn't it be nice to get some official word on weather or not we're being heard? I feel like having no word is like the storm troopers are telling us to move along...

    32. Arnold A Sitorus on

      One think that is an IMPROVEMENT is the blue "How Kickstarter Works" link bellow the blue box "Manage Your Pledge" on the right side of page.
      But the link is TOO SMALL specially for a new comer it meant to.
      About comment for non-backer somehow I agree but it bring the risk of 'spam' and confusion if the 'not with good intention' commentator enter.
      Overall it's a backward design change even after adaptation time.

    33. Jac on

      I do like that you moved the creator box up the page, that is great.

      As for the rest of the design, it may be "cleaner" from a design perspective, but it is much less usable than it was before.

      1) The positive reinforcement of the you're a backer! badge was a very nice thing.
      2) The remind me was in a much better spot before
      3) Why did you blend the tabs in with the background? It is so confusing.

    34. Jac on

      Also, you have to have some great ideas that have been suggested to you (I know I've sent in a couple I would love to see), how 'bout some of those instead of a redesign that doesn't even mesh with the color scheme of the rest of the website?

    35. David on

      Not a fan of the change, took me aes to find Remind Me, and the whole site just looks more corporate and less friendly.

    36. Sarah Vee on

      I like most of the changes (or at least I am OK with them), but the Remind Me button is pretty hard to find now. I use that as a "don't really have time to sort it out now, just click the button to bookmark it for later" button, I would prefer it to be at the top of every page of a project and not just buried on the home page. I also don't like the tabs which are no longer tabs. It's not really obvious that they are meant to be clicked on, it just looks like you are giving stats for the project about how many updates and comments and backers there are. MOST importantly to me though: I really hope you are working on the search/sort features, because it's completely terrible right now. Really, really terrible and non-intuitive. So much more important than working on cosmetic changes to the project page. I would love to be able to look at newly listed or almost ended music projects, for example, because then I could check daily and glance through a few dozen projects at a time to ensure I don't miss anything good; but I can't figure out a way to do that. I don't want to search through every freaking one every time I feel like browsing for a new project to fund. Instead, when I click on "Music" you're showing me "Most popular" which are projects that don't need the help, "recently successful" which I can't fund, and "most funded" which I also can't fund. You're making it so much harder to find projects that need funding. I really don't get the thinking behind this.

    37. Lee Ann Rucker on

      Nothing about the row of "Home Updates Backers Comments" says "I am a button"; they're gray, they barely change color on mouse over, and so what they say is "I am a label". I keep hitting the main Kickstarter button when I mean to go to a project's home page, because top-left is where important things go and the Kickstarter text is the only thing in that area that attracts my attention.

    38. Jason Christopher Faught on

      Like Sarah Vee said, why not focus sight design on making project catagories easier to navigate instead of moving buttons around, alienating potential backers? The lack of feedback from KS end on the whole matter reads to me like our concerns are irrelevant. And you know what happens when we as potential backers feel like our concerns are being treated as irrelevant? We slowly drift away...

    39. REkz kaRZ on

      Oh man, I hate to tell you that your last update SUCKED A BIG ONE -- but I'll do it b/c I love Kickstarter. but wait, I will include *reasons* to back my assertions!
      Ready -- here we go: 1) the blue tabs gave my eyes directions as to "what to click". Now, I've got nothing. 2) Following a project was so clear (a star in the right), and now many probably don't realize it's an option b/c it's hidden away. 3) that little 'hipster underline' of the link at the top showing what 'tab' I'm on is too interwoven into the page design, becoming very hard to notice. And 4) (but on a different page), why is "recently funded" no longer an option on the left-hand column of choices but is listed when I click a topic?!?! That's misleading!

      Anyway, to wrap up, your site rocks! Your projects rock!
      Your design could be a lot clearer and IMO the "what am I going to do" aspect of design has become far more obscure now.
      Another few points, since I'm on the bitter bicker banter:
      the avatars for people posting are too small. there are no 'quick nav' buttons on your pages (which would be nice since stuff is moving around!). Why are comments given the same color background? New posts on the front page (updates/additions/changes) could use a clear differentiation & now they all blend.

      Hey -- I like the "other similar projects" on the bottom addition. Why not let users make a "follow list" (which we have with the star) AND a "block list" (ie the "I never wanna see THAT again!" and a thumbs down or something)? For some the thumbs down could be a good stat -- ie it'd say "someone didn't like my project enough to click NOPE" -- and more metrics make webdev's all excited, no?

      I can deliver more ideas -- if you want. It's 3:12am, so I'm not sure how much of my 3am analysis you want -- but please, make your GUI attempt to SHOW people what to do rather than obfuscate. The bold colored buttons ARE actually helpful, as were the blue tabs etc etc.

      / end rant

    40. Perry Chen

      Thanks for all your comments — the feedback we receive here, via email, and other channels is great to hear, positive or critical.

    41. Frank on

      Just stopping by to say: I'd like the "Remind Me" button back on the top, so I don't have to scroll to find it (whether to click it for the first time or check if I have it on already).

    42. Angiel Zuo on

      Frankly, I like the old design much better, simple, clean, and professional -- much more effective in convincing potential backers to back your project. The video catches your attention (hopefully, if you do it right). Then the text fill you in with necessary details. (The short advertising blurb is really not necessary here. If you give out the end story, people may not feel like to read and then it won't be effective.) Then, you check out the profile to see if the creator of the project has the right background to the job. (If you tell the background before the story, it does not mean anything to the readers yet.) Furthermore, the profile is very important. Why hide it behind a link? The font size is too big, hard to read and not sharp in appearance.

      I suggest revert back to the old design.


    43. Angiel Zuo on

      Oh, I do like the new, larger video size.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tim Norton on

      I looked and looked and could not find the STAR button. I assumed it would be right on top or on the sidebar but it isn't. It's under the video. I searched the web to try and find the button and finally found it here on this blog. Signed, noob.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joel et Monique Bautista on

      HI everyone, we have launched “ Haitian delights" recently on Kickstarter, and we believe even if we go to family or friends but we need OTHER PEOPLE TO ENJOY in a easier way to discover projects, or they wont hear about them until it is too late, backers might be interested so take a look

    46. Nathan Aaron on

      Just started a project called "Welcome to TATE'S" and I feel we could have utilized 16:9 video better instead of having the letterbox. I'm sure you get a lot of comments about it but 16:9 is the standard for all other social media sites you work with and integrate throughout the site, so it would only make sense to be compliant with all the other social site's video standards. Anyway, check out "Welcome to TATE'S" and let me know if the letterbox takes away graphics by taking up pixel space or if it adds a more cinematic element. Thanks guys!

    47. Sukey Molloy on

      I agree with Nathan - we went to a lot of trouble making an HD 16:9 video, and now it's letterboxed, which seems silly.

    48. Sukey Molloy on

      In fact - the video in the section about making your project video here at KS is 16:9:

    49. David Johnson on

      agree here 4:3 is silly. please support 16:9

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