The Lessons of Craig Mod

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This spring designer Craig Mod launched an excellent Kickstarter project called Art Space Tokyo, a chronicle of the small, often undiscovered art galleries that dot Tokyo. Mod, Ashley Rawlings, and Nobumasa Takahashi first produced the book in 2008. The work had since gone out of print, so they launched their Kickstarter project to produce a new iPad version along with a deluxe silk-screened hardcover. It raised an impressive $23,000 on a $15,000 goal.

Last week Mod unveiled an insightful and engrossing take on his experience that’s a must-read. He takes his project apart and analyzes it, suggesting how to optimize reward pricing ($50 is a particularly valuable level, according to his research) as well as how to best time a project duration (including how to avoid the “dead zone”).

It’s a great perspective that we’ve been chewing on for the past week. We’re going to apply some of Mod’s analyses to the entire Kickstarter catalogue and see what we uncover. We’ll share the results with you when we do.

Until then, don’t miss his piece. It’s an incredible resource for creators, and an inspiring chronicle of the creative process that everyone will enjoy.

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