The Kickstarter Podcast

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Today we’re very happy to introduce the first-ever Kickstarter podcast! iTunes users can download it here; you can get it on the web here. The first episode is an interview that I did with Emily Richmond, a young woman whose Kickstarter project funded a solo circumnavigation around the globe.

We’ve been huge fans of Emily’s project from the very beginning, and talking to her while she was docked off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico in the midst of an epic storm made us love her all the more. She is a courageous person with a serious passion for life and adventure. A totally inspiring woman. (For more on Emily, check her Vimeo page where she’s posting video updates from sea.)

In terms of the podcasts themselves, we’d love your feedback. We’ll be back next week with an incredible conversation between Andy Baio and Ted Rall about traveling in Afghanistan (some very harrowing stories), and we have some more conversations lined up as well.

We’d love to know the kind of things you’d be interested in hearing. We’re talking to project creators because we find their stories so inspiring and instructive — beyond the mechanics of Kickstarter, we feel we have a lot to learn from such ambitious and adventurous people.

But that’s just us. Are people interested in hearing about Kickstarter itself? Do you want to hear shorter interviews with more people rather than longer conversations with just one? Are you looking for recommendations for projects to back? We’ve got a blank slate here, and we’d love your wisdom in filling it.

Thanks, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast!

    1. Christopher Cowan on

      I noticed this podcast is no longer listed on iTunes nor found at the libsyn link provided above. What happened?

    2. Josi Sonali on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.