The Kickstarter Awards: Sentimental Favorites

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Project That Makes Us Feel Like a Kid Again (Film Edition): Dear Mr. Watterson: A Cinematic Exploration of Calvin & Hobbes by Joel Schroeder

Raise your hand if Joel Schroeder’s Calvin & Hobbes documentary made you either:

a) Seriously consider buying a Calvin & Hobbes collection
b) Call home and ask your mom to mail you your old C&H books

(I did both.)

Project That Makes Us Feel Like a Kid Again (Book Edition): Tigerbuttah: A Hand Painted All Ages Story Inspired by Golden Books by Becky Dreistadt

Funniest Project Video: Make a New CD With the Quiet

The Quiet harnessed the classic feel of ’80s Time Life informercials and the power of really fake mustaches to pitch their new record. It’s a winner that still makes us laugh.

Best Song About Kickstarter
: (TIE) Roosevelt Dime & Jonathan Mann

Who would have guessed that we’d have two excellent choices for this category? Roosevelt Dime are a Dixieland band from Brooklyn, and their project video was a very catchy ditty called “We Just Need a Kickstart” that we adore. And then there’s Jonathan Mann, who penned this tuneful ode to Kickstarter as part of his song a day project:

Most Romantic Project: Wedding Chapel by Grand Opening

Most Inspiring: Emily Richmond Sails Around the World

Best Q&A: The Ethical Butcher

We’ve done quite a few fascinating Q&As on the blog, but none of them moved us like our conversation with Berlin Reed, the Ethical Butcher. A sustainable butcher in Portland who’s also a former vegan, Berlin’s ruminations on his work and life philosophy are absolutely beautiful. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Best Self-Reflection: Lessons From a Floundering Kickstarter Project by David Lang

David Lang’s Kickstarter project — which would send him to South America to bring back Mate tea — didn’t take off like he thought it would. Feeling discouraged, David took to his blog to pen an extremely honest assessment of what he thought went wrong. His perspective is striking and the truths he admits are hard. In the end his project didn’t make it, but the way he handled the process guarantees that we’ll be among the first backers on his next project.

Project We Wish Had Happened (But Didn’t): BFF by Shawn Feeney

Shawn Feeney is a former police forensic artist who had the extremely creative idea to do composite sketches of 64 of his friends. The idea was to sketch portraits of two of his friends and then merge them into a composite face, repeating endlessly until all 64 had become one. His pitch video does an amazing job of illustrating (ha!) how impressive his work is, and the genius of his idea. But for whatever reason, the project wasn’t to be.

Best Reward Categorization:
Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time by Ben Hicks

$1 — High Five Level
$10 — Hug Level
$25 — Uncomfortably Long Hug Level
$50 — Spoon Level
$100 — Smooch Level
$250 — Make-Out (With Tongue) Level
$500 — Awkward Breakfast Level
$1,000 — Shotgun Wedding Level
$5,000 — White Picket Fence Level
$10,000 — Shared Burial Plot Level

Best Edible Reward: Homemade Fig Bars by Cassie Marketos

Reward We Wish We Could’ve Afforded: Private concert from the Rural Alberta Advantage, $3000 (This sold out quickly, btw)

Best Participatory Reward: “You as a Character in an Episode,” Little Brass Bird

Have a plush toy modeled after you and appear in a show that’s as wickedly brilliant as this? We’re sold.

Best Under $10 Reward: $5 Homemade Postcard from Emily Grenader

Most Potentially Humiliating Reward: “I’ll film myself asking the crazy, thoughtful or outrageous question you submit to a series of strangers on the street. I’ll post the (certain to be hilarious) video here on Kickstarter,” Live Wrong and Prosper

Best Reward Packaging: Tiny Fabric Houses by Amy Wilson

Best Reward Pairing: Mysterious Letters by Lenka & Michael

Best Historical Reward: THE ARCHIVIST: A Brooklyn walking tour focusing on events pivitol in the Wonder City and Brooklyn history, by Courtney Zell & Justin Rivers

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