The Kickstarter Awards: Creator Picks

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Earlier this week we asked some Kickstarter Award winners to answer two questions:

1. What’s your favorite Kickstarter experience so far? This could be something that happened as part of your project, a particularly cool exchange you had with another project, whatever you want.

2. What’s your favorite Kickstarter project(s)? And if you’d rather swap in another adjective for “favorite,” feel free. We want to hear what projects you found fun, inspiring, etc.

The responses, unsurprisingly, have been awesome. We’re going to be rolling out their replies — as well as each member of the Kickstarter team’s answers to those two questions — over the next few days. They make for fun and inspiring reading.

Additionally, we would love to hear from everyone on those two questions. If you have a response you’d like to share, please do so in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Courtney and Justin, Become a Citizen of the Wonder City

We had only been on Kickstarter for about week and were having a pretty good time of it. People were donating, the Kickstarter Staff had put us on the “Recommended” page, but really I was alone on the other side of the computer screen having no real interaction with anyone. Then we went to the Kickstarter event at La Possion Rouge in September. We met fellow artists and were lucky enough to get some words of encouragement from the staff. It clicked then that we and The Wonder City became part of a new type of community, one where art had become more accessible to audiences who other wise would never think to support graphic novels, indie video games, or even a waffle cookie start-up. And conversely, artists who wouldn’t have the resources or confidence to bring their projects out into the light of day where now being supported in ways they never knew possible. And to say that this is the platform from which we launched The Wonder City, is pretty awesome.

Project I’d most like to be my New Years Resolution: Windowfarms

Project I wish I’d donated to: The Underground Library

Reward I can’t wait to get my hands on: Poorcraft comic book

Allison Weiss, Allison Weiss Makes a Full Length Record

For me, the best part about Kickstarter was discovering that I had such a supportive following on the internet. I knew I had a fanbase on Twitter / Tumble / Facebook / etc, but after I completed my project I felt so much more connected to everyone. We were all working together towards this goal of making my album a reality. It was so much fun coming up with new ways to get the group excited about helping the project succeed. I think my favorite thing was my celebratory marathon live stream I did. I played every song I’d ever written, in a row, live on the net. It took four hours. It was like a huge party on the internet for me and all my backers.

Favorite Project: I loved my friend Andrew’s project, The Age of Rockets Are Making A Super Pretentious New Album. The rewards started out normal, but as time went on he added all sorts of crazy hilarious things for his backers. And his project itself is pretty awesome. He’s recording a “choose your own adventure” album. Basically three versions of the same record, and the point is that the listener can choose their favorite version of each song and build their own album. Pretty cool.

Jillian Bergman, Remedy Quarterly

The most exciting part of our project was the day it exploded, and we surpassed our fundraising goal. That morning, I woke up and saw that we were featured in one of our favorite blogs, Design*Sponge. By the time I poured myself a bowl of cereal, the pledges had already started rolling in. Kelly, Ari, Aaron and I were calling and texting each other with updates all day long. Each time I opened my email, there would be 10 new pledges. It just felt so awesome to know that there were so many people who liked our idea and believed in our vision for the publication. We had worked for so many months to get all of the stories, interviews, illustrations and design together for the first issue, and all of a sudden we realized that we were going to be able to print our magazine! I just started jumping up and down — I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

Favorite Project: I was just enamored with the “Here You Go” project as soon as Julie posted it. Nothing in the world can top someone encouraging random acts of kindness. The coolest part is that the little acts of kindness from the Kickstarter backers allowed the project to come to fruition through its successful funding. It exemplifies the successes of the Kickstarter funding model.

April Smith, Keep Music Indie

My favorite Kickstarter experience was discovering how exceptional and devoted my fans are. Going into the project, I hoped we would hit our goal. But I had no idea we would surpass it by a few thousand dollars. I think the fans played such a huge part in that because they would retweet and forward emails and facebook invites all of the time. To me, that was just as valuable as a pledge. Seeing how much time and effort everyone else put into it was extraordinary!

Favorite Project: I loved Allison Weiss’s project! Her updates are hysterical and she’s a great musician too. Her Kickstarter campaign was the one that inspired me to start my own. She has a really strong connection to her fans on so many different levels and I love that!

Vance Reeser, Lake Beast

I think one of the coolest things to happen was the amount of exposure having my film on Kickstarter afforded. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in, but the response from strangers was really good. It was super cool to see new people i’ve never met getting into the film. I think Kickstarters occasional promotion of Beast of Black Lake (aka Lake Beast) on their blog played a huge role in that. It means a lot more to me to see real people giving tangible support in KS instead of the usual comments on a YouTube post or hard-to-quantify number of views or whatever.

Favorite Project: I think I would have to choose Cellstories. I feel a kinship with short story writers as a short film guy, so i’m definitely down with helping new indie short form publishers like cellstories get such a simple and relevent delivery method off the ground.

Robin & Rhoderick, Little Brass Bird

Our favorite Kickstarter experience was the exhilaration of designing everyone’s custom rewards and sending them out to their new homes!

We are a big fan of “Dear Mr. Watterson” and are inspired by Joel’s ambitious documentary film about one of our favorite American cartoonists!

We found “Live Wrong and Prosper” a project that was both hilarious and very curious. It looks like so much fun.

Robin writes a book” has a very smart and logical way of getting a dream project published, we admire the creativity of the whole project!

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