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The Kickstarter Arcade Returns to PAX East

What's happening at PAX East?

This April 11-13, the Kickstarter Arcade returns to PAX East. Can we call it a tradition? We're calling it a tradition. 

We’ve got an entire room devoted to games that were funded through Kickstarter: virtual reality games, card games, tabletop games, RPGs, FPSs, 3D games, 16-bit games, open-ended games, music-based games, stand-in-the-corner-and-invent-your-own-game-right-on-the-spot-games … it’s all there, except a bunch of stuff that hasn't been invented yet.

There are also panels! On Saturday, April 12th at 6:30pm in the Condor Theater we're hosting a panel about what you can do after your game has been successfully funded. What's it like to develop your game with all your backers watching? What if it all takes longer than you expected? We'll talk about these scenarios, and more.

Below, check out a list of all the Kickstarter games you’ll be able to play. Or you can come by and just talk to us. We’ve missed you.

The Games


Who made it: David Laskey

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

What it's about: Destroy alien robo-bug invaders by shooting your own life force energy out of your arm. There’s probably a lesson about personal responsibility in here somewhere.


Who made it: Gamesbymo

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Steam

What it's about: Save A.N.N.E. the robot from imminent disposal as you make your way through a colorful world full of dangerous enemies that you can avoid and deal with later if you’re not up for fighting them at that exact moment.

Race the Sun

Who made it: Flippfly

Platforms: PC, Mac

What it's about: Get as far as you can before sunset, as you careen through an endlessly customizable landscape in your solar powered aircraft.

Neverending Nightmares

Who made it: Matt Gilgenbach

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya

What it's about: Ever looked at an Edward Gorey illustration and thought, "Man, I wish that was a playable video game that deals with psychological horror and mental illness?" Here’s that game.

Olympia Rising

Who made it: Paleozoic

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Steam

What it's about: Lush pixel art transforms Greek myth into a colorful quest through the underworld to Mount Olympus.

Classroom Aquatic

Who made it: Sunken Places

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Oculus

What it's about: Cheat without the guilt of real cheating! Be a dolphin … without the guilt of being a real dolphin! Classroom Aquatic requires you, a dolphin, to cheat your way through a semester of underwater school you’re not even remotely prepared for.


Who made it: Samantha Kalman

Platforms: Mac, PC, Linux

What it's about: Drop musical building blocks into a rotating circle to create unique patterns. Accidentally make a pop song or get really weird. All options are good.

Treachery in Beatdown City

Who made it: Shawn Alexander Allen

Platforms: PC, Mac

What it's about: Think a more complex Streets of Rage minus that thing where entire turkeys on silver plates appear out of nowhere and plus a deep battle system and fleshed-out characters.

Cards Against Humanity

Who made it: Max Temkin

Platforms: a table

What it's about: The “party game for horrible people” allows you to craft offensive sentences for maximum laughs (or cringe-worthy moments) in big group settings.

These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs

Who made it: Shawn Pierre

Platforms: A table

What it's about: What happens when you confuse a french fry for a hat? What about a hat for a hot dog? What about a french fry for a hot dog? This party card game is all about lying to tell the truth. Convince your gullible friends that your card is something different than what it is.

Drag Ball

Who made it: James Campbell

Platforms: a table

What it's about: Choose from 12 drag queen characters and develop your skills in three distinct categories in an attempt to win the crown at the drag ball.

Fate of the Norns

Who made it: Andrew Valkauskas

Platforms: a table

What it's about: Combining the game-play of poker with the more layered style of collectible card games, Fate of the Norns is a lushly illustrated, easy-to-learn card game with expansion packs that add depth and new levels as you get more familiar.

Kombat Kittens

Who made it: Large Animal Games

Platforms: a table

What it's about: Kombat Kittens is a card game that asks players to build a powerful team from a roster of samurai kittens, mech kittens, medieval kittens … we could go on. Basically, you want the most powerful hand. There are sometimes dog cards too.


    1. Creator Charles Battersby on April 5, 2014

      And don't forget about the live reading at PAX East of "That Cute Radioactive Couple" a play funded through Kickstarter:

      Who made it: Charles Battersby

      Platform: Live theater and a downloadable MP3

      What's it about: An evening of live theater inspired by games like Fallout, Wasteland and Bioshock! “Ray was prepared for the apocalypse, but he wasn’t ready to share his old fallout shelter with his new wife Jane. When nuclear war strikes, they find themselves trapped in a bunker built for one.” After this reading we’ll have a sneak peek at a new play by the same creative team: The Astonishing Adventures of All-American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk.


    2. Creator Wither Studios, LLC on April 5, 2014

      Will definitely be checking these games out.

      Crowman & Wolfboy (a Kickstarter Funded game) will also be at PAX East next weekend! The game was selected to be a part of the official PAX East Indie Showcase! :)

    3. Creator Dave Howell on April 5, 2014

      Will you be doing anything at Pax Prime in the fall?

    4. Creator Faust on April 7, 2014

      Don't forget about the Darkest Dungeon! They'll be in the IndieMegaBooth.…

    5. Creator Cindy Au on April 7, 2014

      @Dave we usually do something at Prime as well!

    6. Creator Sunbreak Games on April 8, 2014

      "Buddy & Me" for mobile/tablet (Kickstarter funded) will also be at PAX East, at the Indie Minibooth:

      Swing by our kiosk, we'll be showing off some new stuff! Thanks Kickstarter!

    7. Creator كيمو نور on April 12, 2014

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    8. Creator كيمو نور on April 12, 2014

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