The Kickstarter Arcade at PAX East 2013

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About a year ago, whilst working by candlelight one foggy night on the Lower East Side, we thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we brought together a group of Kickstarter creators to show off their games at PAX?" That very same night The Kickstarter Arcade was born, and after drawing up a plan and swearing blood oaths upon a rusty Macbook, we brought the Arcade to PAX East and PAX Prime in 2012. Now, we're excited to return to PAX East in Boston this week with a whole new crew of creators in tow. We'll be taking over Room 103 (for those of you who visited us last year, it's the same room) and transforming it into a giant 3D rectangle, er, space filled with games you have been yearning to play. 

The Projects

Like at previous PAXs (PAXes? PAXIS??), you'll see a few familiar faces (*cough* Cards Against Humanity *cough*) as well as many new faces and new games, as our talented community of game designers and developers continues to grow and crank out badass new titles faster than you can say Cthulhu. Try out Robin Arnott's audio-visual experience SoundSelf, duke it out with giant blazing swords in God of Blades, get in touch with your inner-strategic-Viking with The Banner Saga, or bring your friends and play Hokra and BaraBariBall for a few hours. 

And it wouldn't be the Kickstarter Arcade without a serious lineup of tabletop demos. Dive deep into Evil Hat's Race to Adventure or experience the brutal lego warfare that is Joshua Newman's Mobile Frame Zero. Make sure to check out the complete demo schedule below!

Since the games universe on Kickstarter expands well beyond video games and tabletop games, we're also excited that a few fine folks from Video Game High School will be joining us to meet with the fans and backers who helped them film not one but TWO seasons of their hit web series.

See the complete list of participating projects here.

The Panel

On Saturday at 2pm, stop by the Official Kickstarter Panel (OKP), where Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold from VGHS will share their story with you, along with Max Temkin from CAH (who'll be launching a new project live from the panel!), and Cindy and Luke from KSR. Kickstarter secrets revealed! Ask us questions! No take backsies! 

The Demo Schedule

Friday 3/22

All Day: Video game demos 

10am - 12pm: Dungeon World / Tenra Bansho Zero

12pm - 3pm: Ghost Pirates / Z-Ward

3pm - 6pm: Race to Adventure / Mobile Frame Zero

Saturday 3/23

All Day: Video game demos

10am - 12pm: Flame War / Ghost Pirates

12pm - 3pm: Tenra Bansho Zero / Dungeon World

3pm - 5pm: SPORTSFRIENDS Tournament feat. Hokra and BaraBariBall 

3pm - 6pm: Race to Adventure / Z-Ward

Sunday 3/24

All Day: Video game demos

All Day: SoundSelf Zen Lounge

10am - 12pm: Dungeon World / Flame War

12pm - 3pm: Mobile Frame Zero / Z-Ward

Time Dilation

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking there is no way in this mortal plane you will ever possibly be able to see everything at PAX! Well that's okay, because the Kickstarter room is housed within a small temporal anomaly, and by entering you will have infinity hours to play games with friends. (Though when you come out everyone outside will be 1000 years older and you'll have only aged 3 seconds).

So come by and visit us! Also, we made a bunch of stuff to give you, and it would be really awkward to return home with thousands of buttons.

    1. Max Temkin

      I am VERY EXCITED about the Kickstarter Arcade this year.

    2. Katherine Pan

      This is my favorite Kickstarter blog post so far

    3. Tim Rodriguez

      I'm glad Ghost Pirates is only booked up against Z-Ward once!

    4. Robin Arnott on

      This is going to be rad.

    5. Eric Holsinger on

      Kickstarter doesn't seem to be listed in Guidebook app as an exhibitor or as events, is that normal?

    6. Jonah Falcon on

      I'll be there tomorrow!

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Steele on

      Don't worry Eric that's just the time dilation.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      I may be missing there a list/link somewhere identifying the funded (via Kickstarter) project team members that will be attending Kickstarter PAX East 2013? Thanks! great event, by the way....

    9. Margaret St. John

      Thanks for doing this. I had fun in the arcade getting demos and had to go buy 2 games because of it.:)

    10. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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