The "Awesomeness" of Not Making It

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Yesterday, a writer named E. Christopher Clark tweeted the above. His project was Help Me Finish My Second Book and Share It With the World, which came up short of its $1,600 goal. Christopher worked hard on his project, it just didn’t catch that spark.

But Christopher’s story doesn’t end there. His original project was looking for funds to purchase a computer and microphone, and as Christopher details in the first couple minutes of this video posted on his site, some incredible supporters donated what he needed when the project didn’t reach its goal.

Christopher’s project is a reminder of something we don’t talk about enough: just because a project’s funding failed doesn’t make the endeavor unsuccessful. Launching a project builds community — it’s an excuse to spread the word and rally people around a cause — and brings valuable feedback whether your project is successful or not. Plus, you have those backers to call on in the future.

Congrats to Christopher, and we tip our caps to your especially generous supporters.

    1. Kawehi on

      what a great story!

    2. Dynamic Adventures Inc. on

      That is really great that supporters still helped him get his book started. An important lesson in community building.

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      taek on

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