Tech Weekly: Off the Wall

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Another week, another mind-blowing collection of gadgetry in the Technology category. Whether you need a wall-mounted sound-beaming alarm clock, or a phone case that sticks to walls, we've got you covered.

Tiko - The Unibody 3D Printer

If we were being honest, we'd say that most 3D printers are kind of intimidating. Not so with Tiko, a delta 3D printer that uses three moving arms to control the print head. Tiko is sturdy, light, wireless, and non-proprietary. Plus, Tiko's unibody chassis has tracks built into it that keep the arms perfectly aligned, and keeps part costs down. Handsome enough to keep on your desk, Tiko just might be the device to help 3D printing go mainstream.

SnapPower Charger: A USB charger in a coverplate - no wiring

How many times have you had everything necessary to charge your phone except a USB port? The SnapPower Charger solves this problem by putting a USB port where it belongs – right on your power outlet. Installation is a total breeze too, thanks to the way the device draws power directly from screws inside the outlet. One screw, no wires. Upgrade!

Wakē - Welcome to the Dawn of Bedroom Robotics

Nothing is worse than the shrill cry of an alarm clock in the morning. Isn't it so much nicer to wake up gently to the sun on your face? The folks behind Wakē think so. Mount Wakē on the wall above your bed, and it will wake you each morning with a bit of light and a beam of sound. Best of all, Wakē can pivot to target you, so that anyone you may be sharing your bed with can continue to get their snooze on.

Neobase: Create a private social network outside the cloud

Every day we put lots of personal information out there on social networks, all in exchange for the wonderful advertising content they share with us. Neobase is a social network that you own, and have complete control over. The cloudless design of the device means that everything you share – from pictures to videos to comments – stays safely encrypted, and you have complete control over who sees it.

Zero G For iPhone 6 /Plus - Changing How You Use Your iPhone

Phones are great, but it's so annoying how you have to hold them. Wouldn't it be so much easier if the wall was doing the work? Yes, and that's exactly what the Zero G case is for. Nano-suction material on the case's back allows you to stick it to most smooth, flat surfaces, so you can up your selfie game and protect your phone at the same time.

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      nick on

      How much does the material for printing cost; does the software operating the 3d printer come with it, and is the software free?

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      Can i get the circuit of it?
      i want to make some changing in it to make it more efficient and do it for my final year project
      i need a circuit manual and the components used in it
      waiting for your reply :)

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      circuit for wake clock alarm sunrise

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