Tech Weekly: Make a Splash

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Admit it: sometimes it's nice to show off a little. From a self-inflating, jet-propelled paddle board, to a levitating light fixture, this week's Technology projects do their thing in style. For even more impressive projects, just visit our Technology category.

Electric, Smart and Self-inflating Stand Up Paddle Board

Aside from being bulky, most paddle boards will leave you dead in the water. But SipaBoards are not like other boards. Instead, SipaBoards include a rechargeable electric motor that inflates the board in under five minutes, and then stows away in the center of the board. Even better, while on the water, that motor becomes your engine, pushing you along at a cool 3.5 knots. So yeah, you could paddle, or just enjoy the ride.


What do you get when you cross magnets with remote phosphor technology? The coolest lamp ever. LUNALUXX includes a light-emitting disc that's held in place by electromagnets in the top of the lamp. Turn the lamp on by putting the disc in place, and it will produce the equivalent of a 15-20 watt incandescent light. To turn it off again, just take the disc away.

Droplet: The Smart Reminder

The problem with a checklist is that you have to remember to check things off when you're done, and also look at it in the first place. Droplet is a little button that all but replaces the checklist. Just put it on or near a task — a vitamin bottle, a garbage pail, a fish tank — and click it once you're done. If you don't, you'll get a push notification later reminding you. It's the easiest way to track your progress and develop good habits while you're at it.

Endless Computers

When we think of a computer we still tend to think of a big beige box, but smartphones have proved that doesn't have to be the case. The Endless Computer is a small, affordable and intuitive alternative, built from the ground-up with its own software. Intended for emerging markets, the ultimate goal is to get this device into the hands of the five billion people still without a computer. And also, maybe, your grandparents.

Bluz: A cloud-connected, Bluetooth LE development kit

In the future, every part of your house will be connected to the internet, right down to your toaster. If you're interested in speeding that along, you may like Bluz, a Bluetooth LE dev kit. Bluz is an arduino-like programmable sensor. It connects to the internet through a gateway, and then connects to the world through Spark cloud. Bluz also works with services like Tinker, IFTTT, and more, so you can get started right out of the box. Enjoy the toast.

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