Tech Weekly: Have a Ball

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This week's featured Technology projects let you loop a beat, hack a ball, or snap a #selfie. The future looks like so much fun!

Hackaball - A programmable ball for active and creative play

Finally, a computer you can throw. The super rugged Hackaball is packed with sensors, LEDs, and a vibration motor, and kids can use the iPad app to select games or program their own. They can even turn the Hackaball into an alarm clock or a whoopee cushion.

Podo - The First Stick & Shoot Camera

Why settle for a selfie from arm's length when the whole world could be your photo booth? Podo is a tiny, Bluetooth-connected, stick-anywhere camera. Just download the app, stick, shoot, and share.

Stryd – The World’s First Wearable Power Meter for Running

Cyclists have long used a metric called power to measure their output, and now Stryd makes that number available to runners. This little wearable measures the intensity of your run over any terrain, and you can use the data captured to improve your overall efficiency. 

ChipWhisperer-Lite: A New Era of Hardware Security Research

This Hackaday Prize-winning project puts the power of side-channel analysis and glitching in your pocket. Designed as a tool to test embedded hardware security, the ChipWhisperer-Lite is completely open-source. Plus they have a very cute Quality Assurance Manager. (It is a dog.)

Introducing the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1

The Artiphon is a completely customizable multi-instrument that connects directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Strum, tap, or slide your fingers across its pressure-sensitive surface and jam out with nearly any instrument you can imagine. In case you've been wondering what the instrument of the future looks like, it's definitely something like this.

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