Tech Weekly: Fresh Prints

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Print a robot, print your tweets, or print your breakfast. (That last one adds a whole new meaning to "printer jam.") Whatever you do, spend some time in the Technology category for an inside look at what the future holds.

PancakeBot - The world's first pancake printer!

True advancements in breakfast technology are few and far between. That’s why we’re so excited about PancakeBot, a countertop device that allows you to print pancakes in any design you can imagine. To demonstrate what this printer is capable of, their team put together the first ever pancake animation.

The Emoji Keyboard - Type Emoji on your Mac!

Sometimes the only way to say what you really mean is with emoji, but they’re so hard to access on your computer. That’s where The Emoji Keyboard comes in. Just slip the silicone cover on your keyboard and install the included software. You’ll be smiley-pooping in no time.

Onehundredforty - Turn words into art

Have you ever written or seen a Tweet so good that you wanted to frame it? Now you can. Onehundredforty allows you to Pick a tweet and submit it to their designers for the custom art print treatment. They're beautiful, and each one is totally unique. Tweets can only be selected once, so better hurry if you want to art up that Kanye tweet.

BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab: Mill, Laser engraver, 3D Printer

Is the BoXZY a 3D printer, or a laser engraver, or a CNC mill? Yes. This 3-in-1 desktop fabrication device is a maker's dream. The quick-change heads let you turn blocks of aluminum into intricate designs, 3D print cool plastic shapes, or laser engrave into nearly anything. No matter what kind of fabrication tool you need, BoXZY is it.

PLEN2, the world’s first printable open-source humanoid

If printing pancakes doesn't do it for you, how about printing your own wee robot? The PLEN2 is an open-source robot kit you assemble yourself — just download and print its body. After that, how you interact is up to you! Make PLEN2 dance, or carry things, or put a silly wig on it because it can't feel embarrassment.

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