Tech Weekly: Cookies and Cache

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Can't keep your hands out of the cookie jar? Fell off that New Year's resolution to bike every day? Lucky for you, technology is here to supplement the constitution you lack.

kSafe: Stay motivated. Achieve your goals.

Be honest, hiding things from yourself only works so well. That's the problem that kSafe is here to solve. Just drop in the object of your desire (or distraction), and lock it up with the companion app. You can set an activity goal, time goal, or location goal. That means you can't have any cookies until your phone knows you went to the gym.

Widerun - The first full immersive VR biking experience

The biggest problem with stationary bikes is that they are just so boring. Widerun changes all that though, as the first fully interactive virtual reality bike trainer. Just plug in your Oculus Rift, and the device's engine measures what you're doing, tracking real world output to virtual world speed.

mDrawBot: 4-in-1 Drawing Robot

What's better than one drawing robot? How about four drawing robots? The mDrawBot kit contains over 60 components that can be rearranged into one of four different bots – an articulated arm, a dangling wall-drawing bot, a two-wheeled driving bot, or a bot that specifically draws on eggs, so you can finally take Easter to the next level.

Ares - Finally, a drone everyone can fly

Flying drones can be complicated, but Ares Drones are here to fix that. Just draw your desired flight path on the in-app map, pick a focal point for the camera, tap launch, and the drone does the rest. That means you get to spend more time flying and less time crashing.

Aivvy Q: A galaxy of music in a pair of smart headphones

Cloud-based music streaming is great, unless you're somewhere the clouds can't get you, like in the subway or an underground bunker. Aivvy Q is a pair of smart headphones, designed to liberate you from the cloud with 32GB of onboard cacheing. Your music preferences are stored and the onboard tunes sync each time you resurface, so going offline will no longer mess with your groove.

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