Tech Weekly: Bright Ideas

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If necessity is the mother of invention, then frivolity is the father. We've seen some wild things in the Technology category this week, ranging from a battery that runs on mud to luminescent canine couture. The future's so bright, we've got to wear shades.

Disco Dog - The smartphone controlled LED dog vest

Upgrade your dog with the Disco Dog LED dog vest. You control the scroll from your smartphone, and the multicolor LEDs will also keep her visible and safe when it's dark out. The vest will automatically display a "LOST DOG" message if your dog gets out of range. And if she gets into that box of macaroni on the counter, you can make her wear her shame.

MudWatt: Build your own battery that runs on mud!

Did you know that mud can generate electricity? We literally had no idea. Apparently while munching on nutrients in the mud, colonies of bacteria that live there will produce electrons – eventually enough to use the mud as a kind of battery. MudWatt is a kit that lets kids get their hands dirty, assembling, experimenting, and learning about the science that powers this phenomenon. 

Brick Lamp - Reveal the light

As far as we're concerned, a little design can go a long way. Perhaps that's why Brick Lamp is such a pretty little brick. There's no switch on this lamp. Instead, the light is activated when you raise the device, and deactivated when you lay it flat. You can plug it in, or use it with the built-in lithium-ion battery for up to five hours of light.

See the World with FLiCC (Forward Looking Cellphone Case)

Why look up from your phone when you can just look right through it? The FLiCC is a case for your phone that has a little flip-out mirror. Combined with the app, it displays a little picture-in-picture window on your device's screen, allowing you to simultaneously watch the sidewalk ahead and finish that hilarious tweet. We dare you to multitask harder than this.

InfiniteUSB - one usb port, unlimited devices

What if you could plug in an infinite number of USB devices? Think of how many phones you could charge! Each time you plug in an InfiniteUSB cable, a new USB port is created. The cables come in female USB, microUSB, and Lightning, and they're magnetic so they store away tidily. The only thing we don't understand is why someone hadn't thought of this already.

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