Teagueduino: How To Build Machines Without a Ph.D. in Robotics

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Here at Kickstarter HQ, we’re no strangers to DIY technology projects. There are quite a few Arduino projects on the site at any one time, and being an interested (albeit ignorant) party, I am always looking for a project that I can make sense of. Every time one rolls along, I go through the same process:

1. Excitement. Yes, this project looks awesome! I will finally be able to make my first foray into the world of electronics.

2. Extrapolation. I'll start with a simple thermometer and end with a clan of 300-foot tall robots converging at the summit of Olympus Mons to hold parliament over the fate of the solar system.

3. Coming to terms with reality. While watching the video, I realize I have absolutely no idea what anyone is talking about, and that I wouldn’t know the first place to start. Dreams are shattered and swept under an old Persian rug.

So, it was with a world-weary resolve that I steeled myself to watch yet another, probably-out-of-my-reach technology project video — the Teagueduino. But wait, what's this!? To my total delight, the entire project was focused on teaching amateurs (like me!) how to begin making their own electronic critters and doodads. 

Teagueduino is a wonderful way for us newbies to get our feet wet. Just take a gander at this demonstration:

The terminology might be troublesome for us poor Luddites, but the ability to create an IRL version of any classic video game should be enough for anyone to get Incepted with the need to figure this out for themselves.There's a revolution going on in the world of electronics, and the community seems on the verge of reaching a much wider population. The great thing about Teagueduino is that it will come with a whole host of tutorials for getting your first project up and running, and as you become a master, the tools at your disposal will ramp up accordingly. Start with clicking around, and move on to real programming when you're ready!

Yes, it's true that my dreams for a robotic interplanetary congress may have to sit under that old rug for a few more years, but the vicious cycle has been broken. One day soon, I'll take my first step toward electronics greatness (or perfectly-adequateness), and the Teagueduino will have my back.

    1. Mark Greene on

      OMG. Sorry. But I just had to say it. This kind of thing is what makes geeks so darn fantastic. New I have to go support this project. The whole thing just makes me smile.

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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