Take Me To Church: Woodshed Collective's The Tenant

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The Tenant — by Woodshed Collective

Kickstarter has quickly become home to some kick-ass theater. From a 24-hour Godot Cycle to a Shakespearian adaptation of Terminator 2, innovative creators are changing the face of TheatRE as we know it. While X Files: The Musical and The Star Wars Musical Documentary suggest sci-fi songstry is trending pretty hard, there’s also the overwhelming sense that in 2k11, total immersion is where it’s at. Baltimore recently enjoyed The Rooms Play, and come summer, New Yorkers will experience The Tenant, Woodshed Collective’s thrilling and haunting adaptation of Roland Topor’s book (and Roman Polanski’s eponymous film). From their description:

When Monsieur Trelkovsky rents a room recently vacated by a woman who fell from her window, he soon finds his world changing in bizarre ways. Haunted by images of the previous tenant’s apparent suicide and terrorized by his new neighbors, Trelkovsky begins a slow decent into paranoia and delirium.

The Tenant will be performed inside a 19th century church on 86th St. and Amsterdam Ave. in Manhattan, with 51 separate spaces transformed into a 1970s Parisian apartment building. Having converted a 106 ft. long ship into The Confidence Man, and McCarren Park Pool into the Hamlet-ian haven Twelve Ophelias, this up-and-coming playwright collective is well-versed in total theater and has received rave reviews for its efforts. For The Tenant, the collaborative will collaborate with Tony Award-winning composer Duncan Sheik (Spring Awakening), who will provide show’s score. The Tenant will be free and open to the public, so Woodshed is seeking funds to cover installation and performance costs. I will surely be there—with church bells on.

The Tenant project ends Monday, May 30th. Click here to support it, or if you’re in NYC, attend their Kickstarter party tomorrow, May 19th! See below or Click here for details.

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